Seattle Area’s Rising Rat Population Costs

Pest / Rodent Damage

rat control

Seattle Area’s Rising Rat Population Costs

Rats are unfortunately a plague in every major city. The easy access to food and shelter that these areas provide create natural breeding grounds and homes for these rodents. The excess of rats that Seattle experiences, however, is not decreasing or stagnant—it’s increasing. While no one reason can be tied to the root cause of […]

Carpenter ants

Carpenter Ant Infestation Discovery on Home Remodel Project

Carpenter Ant Infestation Home Damage While in the process of a home remodel, this video reveals the damage that a carpenter ant infestation can do to homes in the Seattle region. Shown on the floor, here, are some of the many carpenter ants that fell from an exposed nest site. The process of home remodeling […]

rat eating wiring

Rodents & Wire Cables

How to Prevent Rodents from Chewing Wires & Cables When rodents, such as rats or mice, find their way into a building structure, they have access to voids between walls and floors, as well as in drop ceilings.  This structure is most common in office spaces, as it allows any wiring, piping, or insulation to […]

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Has Your Attic or Crawl Space Insulation Been Damaged by Pests?

Unfortunately, rodents love Pacific Northwest attics and crawl spaces. These dark, unfrequented spaces give rodents an opportunity to tear down your insulation, defecate, reproduce, and die undisturbed. Two rodents can produce well over 1,000 offspring in a year, which can result in costly damage to your home. Worse still, 40% of the air you breath […]

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How Rats Get Into House Roofs & Prevention

Rat Control & Prevention Rats damage hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of attic insulation every day.  And it’s tough to imagine just how they get in.  The accompanying video shows but one example of how rats—as well as mice and squirrels—can get in between your ceiling and the roof of your home.  At this […]

Carpenter ants

Wood Destroying Pests of the Greater Seattle Region

The Seattle / Puget Sound region is a spectacular area known for its beauty – and enjoyed by residents and vacationers alike. While the region provides humans a lush, rich landscape of vegetation, it can also provide wood destroying pests and organisms an ideal environment for breeding, and infestation. And unfortunately, these pests can cause […]

varied carpet beetle

Carpet Beetles and Clothes Moths – Insect pests that damage wools & other items

Below we briefly identify and describe theses pests, and provide instructions on how to prepare for pest control treatment of carpet beetles or clothes moths. Carpet Beetles Carpet Beetles are abundant in the Seattle / Pacific Northwest regions and do most damage to clothing that we’d otherwise attribute to clothes moths.  They originally gained their […]

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Carpenter Ants – wood destroying insects in Northwest

Carpenter ants are the most commonly encountered wood destroying insects in the Pacific Northwest. They are responsible for damage to thousands of homes each year.  The damage can be limited, or it can be extensive, costing thousands of dollars to repair the home or commercial structure.  Therefore, it is important to protect houses and other […]

Carpenter Ant Damage

Carpenter Ant Damage

Carpenter Ants and the Damage They Cause Greater Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Everett, and Bellingham are all areas in the Pacific Northwest that are prone to destructive insects, such as carpenter ants. This is because these areas were developed on top of old forests in which carpenter ants were a key part of that ecosystem for ages. Carpenter ants tunnel […]

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The Damage and Diseases of Rats and Mice

Avoid Damage and Disease with Rodent Control Rats, mice, squirrels, and other common household rodents can cause disease and extensive damage to your home, storage items, and even to your car. This damage is due largely to excessive gnawing or by contamination due to their extended dwelling in your space. Thankfully, Cascade Pest Control has […]

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