COVID-19 Health & Safety Update from Cascade Pest Control

COVID-19 Response

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COVID-19 Health & Safety Update from Cascade Pest Control

Cascade’s Approach to Covid-19 (& other viruses) as of February/March 2022 As mask & distancing mandates are rescinded Cascade technicians will continue to have masks available and will be respectful of your needs when they meet you in person or provide indoor services. If we are servicing the inside of your home (or business) please […]

Coronavirus Can Infect Mice

As reported in the Seattle Times scientists have now found that mice can become infected with Covid-19.  Up to now we’ve known that a few other animals can become infected with the virus, but this is the first news that a species that are prevalent in Washington state, and that easily infest homes, can have […]

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Pest Control Deemed Essential Service in WA State

Pest Control Deemed Essential Service in WA State Executive Order and Here’s Why >Pest control is an Essential Service by Washington Governor’s Executive Order.  >150,000 or more Households & Businesses Contracting for Pest Control is the only thing Maintaining Suppression of the Greater Seattle/Puget Sound’s usually high rat population.  Your service contributes to the overall […]


Working with Local Health Authorities During COVID-19

Specific Health Crisis Information ‘from the ground’ regarding sanitation/health consequences of current and upcoming rodent and insect pest issues. Dear XXX Health Department, I have been in the local pest control industry for about 43 years so I have both an up close as well as a solid overall understanding of our current pest issues […]


COVID-19: Why Exterminators Are an Essential Business

The Greater Seattle/Puget Sound region has had the misfortune of the being one of the top US cities experiencing the COVID-19 outbreak. Even with the public health safeguard protocols in place for social distancing, extra hygiene measures, closing non-essential business, etc., the next-step likelihood of ‘shelter in place’ is very real. When we consider the […]

Coronavirus outbreak in Seattle region

Cascade Pest Control Proactive Around Local Coronavirus Outbreak

The widely publicized coronavirus—COVID-19–has come to the greater Seattle area and Cascade Pest Control is taking preemptive steps to protect the safety and welfare of both our customers and our employees. Flu viruses themselves cause great illness and death but until we know more about COVID-19 it could possibly be particularly virulent, so ample precautions […]

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