COVID-19 Health & Safety Update from Cascade Pest Control

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Washington State Executive Order and How We at Cascade are Approaching the COVID Health Crisis

Washington State Executive Order Recognizes Pest Control as Essential Service

Pest Control is included in both the Homeland Security and Washington State List of Essential Services.

  • Deterioration of sanitation and hygiene, including the control of pests, often becomes a secondary health threat to humans during epidemics. Rats, mice, flies and others can spread pathogens (other than COVID-19)
  • Continuing your pest prevention service is important. Your service not only protects you and your home, but also it is the collective efforts by folks like you and companies like Cascade that keeps the region’s all-to-successful rat population problem suppressed.  More Information
  • It is important to continue pest protection treatments to stop any infestation in homes. Postponing or canceling treatments will allow the pest population to flourish and spread easily. Your service is suppressing pests on your property and helping suppress pests throughout your neighborhood.
  • Health Departments are overburdened and not easily able to respond to a secondary and wide-spread rodent-related health problem should it arise.

How We at Cascade are Approaching the COVID Health Crisis

Cascade Pest Control has uniquely cared for the health and welfare of our customers and our staff for over 40 years.  This is reflected in some of our environmental-health awards.

Additionally, we continue to monitor federal, state and local health agencies for COVID-19 related updates and guidelines.

Cascade will continue to protect you, your family and home from pests…and we will also continue to employ the necessary safeguards to protect both you and our staff from COVID-19.

Our intent is to provide you with pest control services and do so with ample precautions so that you and our staff are kept as safe as possible. We are using gloves, sanitizers & disinfectants, and social distancing just to name a few measures.

Normal Services Primarily Limited to Exterior Service

When we arrive for outdoor service our technicians will continue to knock on doors as a courtesy to let you know we are there—but you need not answer the door if you wish.  Our technicians will carefully provide exterior pest control while maintaining awareness of health protocols.

Interior Pest Service When Necessary

Interior pest control requires some additional precautions, so please contact our office ahead of time.

Cascade Donating to American Red Cross

Cascade Pest Control will be contributing 5% of the purchase price of new initial treatments that are generated by our online Google Ads.  This offer only applies to new services at this time and will be offered for a limited time.

If you have any questions please call us at 1 888-989-8979 or email [email protected]

As the weather improves both insect and rodent pests will become more active.  We appreciate working with you through these challenging times.

Be safe and be well,

Kurt Treftz, Director

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