Why Do You Need Termite Control?

Termite Inspection

pacific dampwood termite

Why Do You Need Termite Control?

Termites are a non-discriminatory pest: they can thrive in any type of climate and are relentless in their search for food. This is particularly troublesome for home or business owners, as our structures provide numerous food sources for all varieties of termites. Particularly in Washington state, subterranean termites threaten the structural integrity of your space. […]

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Carpenter ants

Wood Destroying Pests of the Greater Seattle Region

The Seattle / Puget Sound region is a spectacular area known for its beauty – and enjoyed by residents and vacationers alike. While the region provides humans a lush, rich landscape of vegetation, it can also provide wood destroying pests and organisms an ideal environment for breeding, and infestation. And unfortunately, these pests can cause […]

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subterranean termite tubes

Does the Pacific Northwest Have Termites?

Those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest have a few wood-destroying organisms to contend with: Carpenter Ants, Wood-Decay Fungus (wood-rot), and Termites.  Here, we’re going to focus on our regional termite problems.  And to understand termites in their proper light, it should be noted that in the natural environment termites have a vital […]

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Expert Pest Control Services – Greater Seattle & Puget Sound Area

Cascade Pest Control – Serving the Greater Seattle and Puget Sound Region Whether you’re dealing with ants, termites or rats, Cascade Pest Control has you covered for pest control expertise. Local to the Puget Sound area, our company is environmentally conscious with our pest and rodent control treatment methods, and we take pride in our work. All Cascade technicians […]

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what attracts termites

What Attracts Termites?

Of all the pests common in the Seattle area, termites are consistently among the most troublesome. They can be extremely difficult to spot and may cause extensive damage to the home before their presence is even recognized. The good news is that, like all pests, termites have habits, and understanding those habits is a key […]

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what are the signs of termites

What Are the Signs of Termites in My Home?

Termites often rank among the most dreaded pests for homeowners, because colonies can be difficult to detect and termites can cause significant structural damage before you ever notice their presence. While termites can be tough to spot without a close inspection, there are a number of key signs that can help you – and your […]

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How Do I Protect My Home from Termites?

Termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage each year across the United States, and they are a significant problem for us locally in the Seattle area. The best tool for termite control is prevention, because making it more difficult for termites to establish a colony in your home can save substantial money – and […]

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