Identifying Stinging Insect Nests

Wasp Control

bald faced hornets nest

Identifying Stinging Insect Nests

The buzzing, bumbling, building of spring is upon us. As the weather warms and flowers bloom, stinging insects become active as well. And while we can appreciate them in our gardens, we don’t want them in (or on) our homes and businesses. Washington is home to a number of bees, wasps, and hornets that make […]

Cascade Pest Control with sample Asian Killer Hornet near Bellingham, WA

Cascade Pest Control Addresses Giant Asian “Killer” Hornet Concern

Mike Myers completes hundreds of pest management services each year, many of them in Washington’s Whatcom county—the only place in the US where the Giant Asian “Killer” Hornet has been found.  “Luckily I’ve not yet had to directly encounter the Giant Asian hornets,” says Mr. Myers, “and I’m glad because all the normal equipment for […]

ground wasps

How Do I Get Rid of Ground Wasps?

How to Identify and Remove Ground Wasp Nests While you may be more familiar with wasps nesting in trees or in the nooks and crannies around the outside of your house, there are species that also nest underground. These ground wasps, also called Yellow Jacket wasps, pose just as much a threat to your home […]

yellow jacket wasp

Yellow Jacket Nest Treatment

Yellow Jacket Nest Treatment in Seattle—Tacoma Area   “Fun” fact about yellow jackets—when they nest within walls, they sometimes scratch through the sheetrock and break into the interior living space, therein driving the occupants out. Don’t let these stinging flyers take over your home; call in the professionals to inspect and rid your space of […]

wasp bee control

Bees & Wasps: What You Need to Know

As the weather warms up and everything is in bloom, bees and wasps become more active as well. While these species are vital to the ecosystem and the pollination of different varieties of flora and fauna, they can become harmful and dangerous if they nest too close to your house. Because of this, it is […]

wasp control

Wasps & Bees of the Greater Seattle / Puget Sound Region

Wasps and bees are loosely related to ants, only they continually use winged flight as their primary means of motion. WASPS Wasps differ from bees in that they are basically hairless and have narrow waists. There are hundreds of kinds of wasps, many of them too tiny to sting humans, and others that are good […]

wasp control

Pest Control for Yellow Jackets & Wasps

Professional Pest Control for Wasps & Yellow Jackets The yellow jacket is the most troublesome wasp variety in the Tacoma, Seattle, Everett, and Bellingham areas.  Yellow jackets are nasty in two ways: How they aggressively defend their nests, often causing many stings and injuries to anyone that stumbles upon them. How they aggress themselves onto […]

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