Residential Home Pest Control

Residential Home Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

Even the newest, cleanest home is subject to pest invasions during any time of the year, and older homes can be especially vulnerable. Insect and rodent pests are stealthy, secretive, and prolific by nature, so they can quickly become well-established before the homeowner even realizes they are there.

Common pests, including rats, mice, wasps, termites, and other insects typical to the Seattle/Puget Sound area, can spread disease, pose health problems, and some may even damage the structure of your home. Dealing with pest infestations requires a deep understanding of the local pests, their habits, and the steps required to keep them out of your home.

Eliminate Pest Problems with Environmentally Safe Home Pest Control

Our Cascade Pest Control experts are here to help with all of your residential pest control needs, whether you need to eliminate an infestation, or you’re interested in doing everything that you can to reduce the risk of future infestations. We use environmentally safe home pest control practices to deal with the most common pests in the Seattle/Puget Sound area, including:

Eliminating pest problems requires a multi-faceted approach, and our Cascade Pest Control technicians rely on integrated pest management practices to keep your home free of pests. That means we both deal with infestations, and know the steps necessary to keep pests from entering your home in the first place.

Ongoing Pest Control for Your Home

Prevention is a huge aspect of effective home pest control, and our technicians are trained to provide the ongoing maintenance necessary to prevent infestations long-term. Our Inspect and Protect service includes routine inspections for early detection of pests, limited exclusionary work to seal entry points, a re-treatment warranty, and coverage for the most common pests in the Seattle area.

Start Your Residential Pest Control Process

Are you dealing with an infestation of one of the pests common to the Seattle and surrounding area, or looking to prevent future infestations? Our team at Cascade Pest Control is here to help with all of your residential home pest control needs:

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