Ant Control & Ant Exterminator Services

Ant Control & Ant Exterminator Services

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Ant Pest Control

From Tacoma to Bellingham, homeowners and businesses in the Puget Sound region require ant control. Urban and suburban areas all have issues with ant pest control. Certain ants, such as carpenter ants, can compromise the structural integrity of your home or business. Even ants commonly called “sugar ants” might seem harmless, until they swarm your kitchen.

Cascade Pest Control takes an environmentally safe pest control approach. Our experienced and skilled ant control experts are ready to help you in the following areas:

Seattle, Bellingham, Tacoma, Auburn, Everett, Eastside, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Federal Way And many more areas surrounding the Emerald City.

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Structural Damage Caused by Ants

Certain types of ants, such as carpenter ants, cause damage to the structure. They can burrow their nests in wood and these nests can cause structural damage and jeopardize the integrity of the structure. Our ant control experts have an experienced eye on what to look for and will take the necessary action to exterminate the ant infestation. Ongoing ant control will protect your house structure from carpenter ant re-infestation.

outside ants
inside ants

Inside vs Outside Ant Control

Ant extermination extends beyond the walls of your home structure. Some ant species in the Seattle region can cause real problems from outside your home. For example, carpenter ants have multiple nest sites – some within the structure and others in nearby stumps, logs or trees. They can pose a real threat to your home or business structure from ‘all sides’. They burrow through the walls and can create vast networks of tunnels. With enough time they can cause costly structural damage to your home or business.

Ant infestations inside the structure can also compromise sanitation. Many types of ants will taint food stored in a home. Ant control protects your food storage as well as your food-prep surfaces. This saves you money and will give you peace of mind. Cascade Pest Control experts use techniques to protect your food and kitchen from ant infestation.

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Why Use a Professional Ant Exterminator Service?

Getting rid of ants is not as simple as spraying some pest control solution on a counter and hoping for the best. That could be hazardous to you and actually disperse the ants without eliminating them. Our ant control exterminators have the experience and knowledge to not only identify the ant species, but to accurately treat your ant problem safely and effectively.

There are types of ants where insecticide sprays make things worse. For example, when faced with insecticide sprays, Tapinoma sessile—the odorous house ant will actually split up and make more nests. In this case, using off-the-shelf solutions could double, triple, or quadruple your ant infestation. Effective ant control means using the right tools and extermination methods. Not all ants are equal, and our experts know how to attack each species.

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Using the Right Ant Control Solution

Each type of ant causes different kinds of harm. Our expert technicians will assess each situation to evaluate the ant problem. Cascade Pest Control experts know how to spot the difference between species. This allows them to use the most effective ant control solutions to remove your ant infestation.

Ant Extermination

Ant extermination starts with identifying the type of ant infestation. There are many ant species that populate the King County and Seattle Washington region. Common species include:

carpenter ant
argentine ant
pharaoh ant
moisture ant
odorous ants
Odorous House
pavement ants

Our approach to ant control will help you see results regardless of the type of ant.

pest inspection

The Cascade Ant Control Difference

Our pest exterminators will provide you with the best ant control service in the following ways:

  • Onsite Inspection to Determine Ant Problem
    Ant removal specialists perform a thorough inspection of your residential or commercial property.
  • Identification of Ant Infestation
    Our ant control specialists will identify the ant species and estimate the scope of the colony. Our specialists are knowledgeable construction experts and will assess any visible property damage.
  • Treatment for Ant Removal
    The ant control specialist will put into place safe, effective ant removal. Our pest control methods will show results in your home or business.
  • Maintenance for Ant Prevention
    Many ant species, like Carpenter Ants and ‘Odorous House’ ants, need ongoing control. Without this attention to detail, a re-infestation could occur. Just because you may not see an ant today, doesn’t mean they aren’t lurking behind your walls—even in great numbers. Ongoing checks from our professionals will ensure home and garden ant prevention. Cascade Pest Control offers ongoing ant control to help you get rid of ants for good.

Start Your Ant Exterminator Process

Let Cascade Pest Control exterminate your ant problem. Our proven residential and commercial ant control services will remove ants from your building structures – inside and out.


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Nikki Loss
Rat & mice extermination. Very very happy with service provided. Tech is personable and nice to deal with. Very professional.
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Prompt , polite and did a great job. Highly recommend Cascade Pest Control.
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Timely, honest, and provides good feedback and prevention.
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terrt norris
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Morgan is professional, courteous and thorough. Great service and interaction.
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Cascade is always professional and communicative. I’ve recommended them to others.
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Pat Pedigo
Great friendly and effective service.
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Stephanie Acre
Ant free since starting their service. Staff is orofessional and courteous.
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Labib Palis
The technician, Allen, is very knowledgeable, courteous and respectful. He willingly shares information with me and offers useful advice. He is very, very, thorough with his inspections and treatments. The office staff is also very pleasant and always respond to my needs when I call to reschedule, or for additional treatment. Outstanding customer service!
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Camille Walls
Have used them for several years. Seems to be a good company.
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michael anter
Mike does a great job of taking care of our pest problems.
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Nikki Brame
Always completely satisfied
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Courtney O’Brien-McFarland
Great service
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Amy Schutt
Always professional. Satisfied customers!
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karen herring
Jason answers all the questions, provides resources and options, and is respectful of the property and the wildlife we do want around. Super nice, too!
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We use this company bi-monthly because we had rat problems under the house and on our property. They have done an excellent job keeping the rat problem under control, and no more under the house. They are very expensive, but they give us peace of mind.
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Ellen Merrifield
Joseph is always so thorough.
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Eric Bayer
Great service from Cascade! Been using them now for a few years and have been very pleased with them!
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All great experiences with Greg!
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