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Friendly and helpful person to speak with when I called about pest issues. Appreciated the speed at which I was able to get an appointment (they had next day availability before a holiday weekend) and liked that they called prior to the appointment to let me know they were on their way to our home. Michael, our pest control person, was able to find where the hornets were entering our bedroom and treat right away. It’s been one day but we haven’t seen anymore hornets and are loving the peace of mind. We would use their services again.
Both Technician and company performed as promised. This is a genuine service unlike the many “Scam” outfits swarming the neighborhoods at this time. You will know they are not legit by the amount of pressure they excert on you to sign an agreement immediately to get a “special discount” from an exhorbident high initial service session fee. ($399 for less than 1 hr. “Tech. work! If they say they are in your neighborhood serving your neighbors, ask for references, names, addresses as this is an old trick.Cascade has been competent, on-time and efficient.
Service rep completed a very thorough inspection, provided detailed feedback and answered all our questions, given us a much-needed explanation of our options. We give the service a superior rating and would recommend it to others.
Super polite and helpful. My dog liked him too. Win win. Regardless of whoever comes knocking at my door to try to sell me pest services, I’m sticking with Cascade. Tried and true. Affordable, trustworthy and excellent service.
Rick is always so friendly and efficient. He had not planned on doing a crawl space clearing and when I asked if he would be willing to do it he didn't hesitate. Very pleasant and thorough.
Cascade Pest Control provides excellent customer service. Willow came out for the first time yesterday. She introduced herself, discussed the service, where she’d need to be on the property, and if we had questions. We look forward to seeing her again.
Cascade is always on time and does good, thorough work. They keep most pests out of our house, which all we can ask for living in a wooded area. Highly recommend their services!
Jack is the best guy I have had from Cascade. Personable, timely, stays in touch and I trust him to do a great job as usual.
We've been relying on Cascade Pest Control for the past five years, and they consistently exceed our expectations. Their professionalism, informative approach, and remarkable effectiveness make them stand out. Not only are their services top-notch, but they're also surprisingly affordable. A special shout-out to Scott for his exceptional service and dedication. Highly recommended!"
Allen and the Cascade team are always thorough, friendly, and passionate about the work they do. We get door to door salesman every week trying to get us to switch our service provider but we are loyal to the Cascade team!
Lawrence is amazing! He is always so thorough, friendly with our dog and kid, and it has been wonderful to have him consistently servicing our house for the last few years!
We are very pleased with the follow up appointment with Cascade Pest Control.Charlie is very detailed taking pride & care of what is needed in the needed follow-up, along with being very knowledgeable and answering any questions that we had, we will be continuing the service. Thank you to all at Cascade Pest Control.
Michael is very thorough and goes about his work quickly and efficiently. He’s friendly and always takes the time to explain what he’s doing and answers questions in detail so that this 80+ person can understand. All in all Michael is a very knowledgeable and likable employee and an asset to your company.
Charlie called ahead when he was on his way. While here he took care to keep the house clean. At the end he focused on providing the best solution for us instead of focusing on selling more product than we needed. We will definitely call again.
Lawrence contacted me to say he had an earlier appointment if I wanted it.He arrived exactly as scheduled and asked if I wanted to see the traps, I did.Having someone educate you on something you would never deal with personally is the benefit of having someone professional and easy to understand - 5 stars for great customer support!
The tech came to the door, step back and waited patiently for me to come. He was very polite willing to answer any questions. I’ve always had a good feeling about Cascade Pest Control.
Always very professional and friendly!! So happy to work with them and their honesty. We’ve worked with Michael a little over a year and couldn’t be happier! Highly recommend.
Michael at Cascade Pest Control is outstanding. He always does an very thorough job and keeps our ant issues under control. The office personnel are also so friendly and extremely helpful at all times. I would recommend this company for Pest control.
We are very happy with the service we receive from Cascade. Aaron’s customer service is excellent! Thanks to Aaron, our pest problem is well under control. He is friendly and very thorough.
Michael came out this morning and I couldn't of been more satisfied with how professional & thorough he was! We already had another exterminator come out a couple months prior and following that the ant issue we had been experiencing only seemed to get worse after they had treated the home. Finally, after doing a little bit better searching into a extermination company that we could actually feel more confident in hiding, we found cascade and despite the cost being a bit beyond what we expected/had paid with previous exterminator, we still figured resolving our pest issue would be worth the extra month spent. So, that said, this morning I woke up with 3 minutes to spare before our scheduled appointment. Michael was promptly on time (which was a huge issue with our last experience with other company also). My house was embarrassingly messy but he didn't make me feel any judgement or shame over it (thankfully!!). The kids happened to be home since it's spring break which normally wouldn't be ideal for our home but given the situation we wanted someone to come out ASAP regardless and Michael was able to do as he needed and us and our little dogs were able to keep about our business with not a single issue! The thoroughness of the inspection and treatment of the home was just night and day difference between today and our experience that we had with last exterminator. And also I couldn't believe how much educating on going forward had been missed with our last experience as well. Michael gave us great information to make sure to keep in mind when going forward in the future to help us best avoid anymore issues with both ants and potential rodents. So as you can see but just how much I've shared that we were obviously very happy with our decision to choose Cascade and happy that they have technicians like Michael that work for the company because he was great! Thank you guys so much and we'll definitely be continuing to have you as our go to exterminator when
I Highly recommend; “CASCADE PEST CONTROL”Charlie was knowledgeable of the various aspects of pest control, explained each step of what was needed, he took time paying attention to detail- this company takes pride being respectful along with Professionalism in getting things solved,very impressed and look forward to the follow up. Thank you. Cascade Pest Control “
Everyone I've spoken with at Cascade Pest Control is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. The technician who removed hornet nests from my house today, Michael, was no exception. Cascade Pest Control clearly values customer service & I highly recommend hiring them for any pest control needs.
Jack explained all the questions we had about those pesky ants.He rechecked all the spots we were finding them inside and outside of our house. Jack has great customer service and really listens to us.
Cascade has been our pest control vendor for many years. We do a quarterly service because we are surrounded by many tall trees that harbor Carpenter Ants. Since Cascade took over the preventative maintenance, we have never had a problem. The technicians always do an excellent job since the first time they came here years ago when they found the carpenter nest we are carpenter ant free for many years now.
Aaron was knowledgeable and very thorough. He did a great job for us! Highly recomendable.
I've been working with Cascade Pest Control for over a year now, and I must say, I am impressed with the service they provided.Scott, the person who performs the service for us, is incredibly professional and knowledgeable. He always arrives promptly and takes the time to thoroughly inspect my property, identifying potential pest issues and discussing treatment options with me. His attention to detail and expertise immediately put me at ease, knowing that my pest problems were in capable hands.
Scott is awesome as always. He is very concerned with the environment and ensures he will not be treating edibles or harming pollenating or otherwise beneficial insects. We haven’t had a pest problem since Scott has been taking care of our property.
Great job. Aaron was friendly and made sure everything got done. Have seen him twice and both times very friendly and did the job. I do recommend.
Kris was fantastic! He was knowledgeable, thorough, and efficient. He respected our ancient cat’s areas with careful treatments that would minimize disrupting her routines. He found some outside ant hotspots and treated those as well. I’m very happy with our choice to use Cascade Pest Control.
10/10 would recommend - this company is honest, transparent and easy to chat with They call back and get you taken care of super quick, and are incredibly professional and polite. The bill you when they come for service, including for maintenance plans like carpenter ants which is why I picked them! Being affordable and incredibly professional was icing on the cake.
They were on time and gave a proposal quickly
I have worked with Cascade Pest Control for regular quarterly pest control maintenance since 2005, and Lawrence has been my tech for much of that time.Both the company and Lawrence are professional, reliable, and easy to work with.I appreciate that I am able to commit to quarterly service with them so that my home is treated consistently. I receive a text/email/phone call reminder ahead of time, and there are never any billing surprises.Lawrence is very knowledgeable and friendly. He always checks in to see if I have any concerns or questions, and he shares information and advice which is appreciated.
Charlie with Cascade Pest was quite thorough and timely with his service at our property. I continue to be very pleased with the service we receive from Cascade Pest's employees, including our previous tech, Morgan.
Sakhom is sharp, personable, and straightforward. He really seems to enjoy his work and cares about doing it well. He takes helpful photos and for today's exclusion project he kept me posted as the work progressed. My neighbor came over to talk to him and he was very gracious. I am very comfortable having him on the job!
Michael has been nothing but the best pest control guy I could have ever asked for. He is incredibly friendly/ professional and helpful. It’s a pleasure to have him looking after my property because it is a bit of a chore because of where I live. He’s on top of problems and lets me know the second he sees them!
Cascade has been doing pest control for us for a very long time and they are awesome. Very good at communication and customer service and our tech Charlie is always very thorough, kind and professional!
Charlie has been servicing our crawl space, yard & occasionally attic for rodents for a number of years now. Nice to know he’s on top of it. Great customer service. Highly recommend. BTW our crawl space entrance is not so fun to get in and out of. He never complains.
We appreciate the thoroughness of our tech, Scott, as well as his experience and long employment with Cascade Pest. Having the same tech year after year adds to the great service and knowledge of our home and what is needed.
We just moved into the neighborhood and the previous owners were longtime customers of Cascade Pest Control and Larry had been their service representative for several years. On Larry’s first visit, He explained what he would do, and why he was doing it. He was very knowledgeable, and was able to answer all of our questions. Very glad to be working with Larry in this company.
I've been a customer of Cascade Pest Control for many years and I've never had any complaints. Michael did the most recent service, he let me know he was there, have me an update on the status of the traps, and that everything looked good. Happy with the visit as usual
Been using Cascade for over 5 years now, and they have drastically cut down on the amount of insects/pests on our house. Prior to them, we were having big issues with spiders all over our house, and large number of ants entering our house. Scott has been our representative and on each check up, he has helpful suggestions on how to further reduce. Highly recommend
Our tech, Lawrence, does a great job servicing our property. He's earned our trust with access codes (for when we're not present) and always treats our home with professionalism, as if it were his own. Highly recommend the entire Cascade team!
Michael went above and beyond during our last pest service. He called me to let me know a pipe in my backyard pond had frozen and burst and water was going all over my yard. He turned off the valve for me while getting blasted in the face with water in 17° weather. With out his quick thinking I don’t know when I would have noticed the leak.
Charlie has provided us pest control for several years. He's dependable, professional and always has time to answer our questions. He's taken care of our ant and rodent issues. He's the best!
My household has been utilizing Cascade Prat Control for several years. We appreciate their services and check ups. Our technician Ruben does a great job checking in with us and asking if there is anything we want addressed or changed. The communication is appreciated and with the cold months approaching we know we have to be on the lookout for unwanted rodents.
Always a pleasure to see Allen. He's been keeping me bug-free.The puppy is glad to see him, too. He's put some screen over a spot critters were getting in and repaired an attic vent. He goes the extra mile.
Larry does a great job. Very thorough and always responsive to concerns. He’s also very friendly when I’m fortunate enough to be home when he is there for service
Been using Cascade Pest control since I moved to Washington in 2017. Allen has always been great, communicates well, and finds things I don't pay attention too.
I was really impressed with your representative, Aaron, today in his site visit to our house. He explained everything very well, and I learned a few things in the process. In addition, he is extremely personable. I feel very good about using your service as a result. Kudos.
Thank you Dante for the friendly service and high quality work. I highly recommend Cascade Pest Control, I’ve been a customer for almost 2 years and have not had a single issue.
Ruben does a great job.He was on time prompt explained his process and what he was doing and why he was doing the things he was.He also took time to explain some things we shouldn’t do.
Lawrence has serviced our home for a few years. He is friendly, knowledgeable and does an amazing job. He also shows up exactly when he says he’s going to and is pleasant rain or shine!
Michael was very nice and very concerned about my dogs getting out of the gates which is number one for me thank you so much
Morgan always checks in me at each visit. Let’s me what he has done and explains what I might need to do myself. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
Aaron, our service tech from Cascade Pest Control, did another great service visit. He is very good at explaining what he is going to do and goes out of his way to make sure things outside the house look right. I would recommend him and Cascade to anyone. When we bought this house Cascade took care of improving the pest control access and the energy conservation material. Great company!
We have been very satisfied & happy since we found Cascade Pest Control & their technician Michael M started providing us with Outstanding service! He always arrives with a smile on his face, is Polite, Professional, & committed to providing the Best service he can. He has always willingly answered any questions I've had, provides feedback before he leaves, immediately writes a report, and obviously is proud to represent Cascade! Thank you, Michael, for your consistent Professional services!
Sakhom performed a thorough interior inspection and located a gap between my unit and the one next door at the foundation. He alerted me to the risk of rodent crossover. I will follow up with my neighbor and contractor to be sure the gap is properly remedied. Thank you!
Michael is thorough and does an excellent job with our pest control! He lets us know if there is an issue and is extremely personable! We appreciate the work he does for us!
Charlie Neal is our technician and has been for over a year now. Upon his first time coming out, he inspected the property and saw a couple of concerning spots that rats could potentially enter our garage through, he immediately gave a solution and even showed us where to get material for us to plug the whole ourselves to save a little bit of money.However, me being lazy… I never did the job and he mentioned it again after visiting our house a couple more times. I eventually ended up just paying the cost for them to do it and he came out shortly after and knocked out the job very fast. I was genuinely impressed that he remembered and was concerned enough to bring it up again.Charlie visits once a quarter for a routine exterior visit and we have not had any major issues with spiders or bugs inside our house.We are extremely happy with his attentiveness and quality of work! He’s also easy to talk to, so there’s no awkwardness in asking him (or anyone at cascade) any questions at all.
Our Cascade tach is amazing. Not only do they solve any pest problems they have and keep the problem solved, they take time to explain options and issues to us. Excellent customer service by the tech!
Morgan at Cascade Pest has been working for us since 2019. He is quite thorough , checking all our rat feeding stations and refilling them . Since we have poultry, this is an important job. He even goes into our crawl space to remove the dead mice.He does a great job but he’s also friendly,, knowledgable and polite.
Larry is always a welcome visitor to my home. I can not imagine a better service provider. He is professional, knowledgeable, respectful and friendly. Thank you for your continued high level of service.
A few years ago, we had a serious problem with rats nesting in our crawl space insulation and making a huge mess. Once the mess was removed we had to make sure that they didn't come back and do it again. We hired Cascade for rat monitoring and control and we thankfully don't have to worry about it. We opted for a non-toxic method since we have pets and wildlife around. Allen has been our tech for years and we've been so happy with his work! He's very consistent, knowledgeable and detail-oriented. He's also a really nice person and our dog thinks he's awesome too!
Really appreciate Mark’s great personalized service. He is such a pleasure to work with. I feel so much better knowing rodents aren’t getting into the house and my family is safe! They always send very clear updates and reports. Great service.
Cascade Pest Control has kept us pest free for many years. They provide excellent quarterly service for a reasonable price. Service technicians are always polite and professional and they know their insects. Highly recommended.
Mark's expertise, thoroughness, and excellent communication is making challenging pest control issue much more manageable. Adding to the experience is excellent communication from the office team (thank you Sally), the account management system, and all the systems the company has invested in to make working with your firm easy. I help manage this property remotely. Thank you.
Thank you to Cascade Pest Control and specifically Michael Meyer for keeping our house pest free. Michael is always very friendly and thorough in his inspections. We have had the service for 4 years with complete satisfaction.
Cascade Pest has been servicing our home and yard for over three years. We have found their representatives to be courteous, knowledgeable, and willing to take time to explain what they are doing to control “our” unwanted visitors.
I had a pest scare at my home. Took a picture and called Cascade to discuss w them. It was close to closing time on a Friday when Brandon answered. I emailed the picture. He evaluated and said he would also discuss w colleagues and call me back. I've heard that before. Well to my surprise he did! He confirmed I had nothing at all to worry about and didn't even try to upsell me! Very ethical. Thank you Soo much Cascade/Brandon! For taking the time.
I love the service, they are professional and friendly. They always provide detailed answers to my questions. They come and do their job as scheduled. I would not switch to another company though I get offers all the time.
We are very happy with the service we receive. Our technician, Mike is always very friendly and professional. He keeps us informed of all that we can do to help keep things in check.
Our experience with Cascade continues to be great after almost 4 years. Michael Meyer always does a great, professional job and is wonderful to work with. We always look forward to his visits. Highly recommend.
I had a rodent enter the house through my dryer vent. Cascade came out quickly, set traps in my crawl space and attic, closed off vent entry with a new cover. Tech also set traps at suspected entry points into my yard as my home backs up to a green belt. Two rodents have been trapped outside, so far. Service will continue bi-monthly for now. I have no monetary comparison, so I have no idea if the company is a good value. However I'll rate it as such.
We have used Cascade Pest control over 2 years. Always on time, technician was polite and kept us informed of what he saw and what type of treatment was needed. We would definitely recommend the business to others.
Our technician was happy to add an additional service onto our call today when we discovered we had a wasp nest. Service and flexibility has always been great with this company.
Cascade Pest Control was amazing! I called around 11:00 sharing that we had a Yellowjacket nest in the gutter of out home. Karin, in the office was so kind and helpful! She had us scheduled for a home visit within minutes . I really appreciate that she didn’t try to upset me or put me on a monthly maintenance. I just needed help with the 🐝! By 1:00, Dante was on our doorstep and ready to handle the problem. Fast, friendly and professional work! Susan Says…they’re the bees knees!
Excellent service. Tried using multiple other companies to get rid of our carpenter ant issue and Cascade was the only company able to finally eliminate our problem. Highly recommended.
Cascade Pest Control is a great pest control business. They have taken care of us for over 30 years. They helped eliminate ants in our basement and wasps from our attic.I enjoy talking with Allen. He's a ray of sunshine! Also, knowledgeable as well.
Our service technician is the best! He is never late, & always leaves notice that he was here if we aren’t home. Last time he even pointed out some helpful info about our house. Super friendly & non intrusive. Always goes above & beyond.
I called these guys b/c I had carpenter ants inside. You know if they're in the house, they're up to no good. They put me on a plan and I have been bug-free since. The technicians are all polite, helpful and respectful of property. I used to live in TX so consider myself somewhat of a "pro" when it comes to assessing pest control companies - you live and die by the effectiveness of your "bugman" in TX. This company could definitely hold their own down there but I am glad they're in WA!
Cascade Pest Control employs courteous efficient and effective people. I am impressed by the longevity of the workers, which shows that the company treats them well. Our rep Larry is so nice and conscientious. I always enjoy chatting with him briefly on his quarterly visits. We know that if we have an issue, he’ll take care of it. We tried another company once when we’d let our service lapse and regretted it immediately! We went back to Cascade as soon as we could!
Cascade comes to our house bi monthly and inspects our house and property. They do a great job and highly recommend them. Charlie has been our technician for the last few years and always does a great job for us.
We've been working with Cascade since we moved into our new house and found a massive rodent problem in the attic and crawl space. After remediation they have been coming out to monitor the property and make sure there are no entry points. Charlie is always very friendly, helpful, and professional when he services our house as well as anyone I've spoken with in the main office. Highly recommend!
Our dedicated service provider, Bruce, (sorry, I hope that's his name, I can't remember his name at this moment), he serviced our home today; 11/3/2022. He provides absolutely the best personalized service. He is so polite, thorough, and truly focused on his customers. He is truly the only reason we remain loyal to Cascade Pest Control, he is a most valuable asset to your company. Regards, Gregg Jackson

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