Rodent Control

Rodent Control

From Tacoma to Bellingham people need commercial pest control and residential exterminators. Rat pest control is an issue in urban, suburban, saltwater shorelines areas. Rodents can cause damage to your business, home, car, RV, trailer, or boat – and carry disease. Mouse control occurs most in suburban and rural areas. Mice do similar damage as rats and carry hantavirus. Prevent rats and mice with our environmentally safe pest control services. Cascade Pest Control has skilled, experienced rodent control experts across King County.

Cascade rodent control specialists perform inspections throughout King Country. Different rodents are prevalent in various areas. Our specialists have expert knowledge of identifying rodents in the following areas:

Seattle, Bellingham, Tacoma, Auburn, Everett, Eastside, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Federal Way And many more areas surrounding the Emerald City

Initial Inspection for Mouse Control & Rat Extermination

Cascade’s Initial Rodent Treatment accomplishes three goals:

  • Assess the rodent infestation to guide our next steps at rodent control
  • Educate you on measures to take for mouse control, rodent or rat extermination
  • Start mice and rat extermination with trap setting

Rodent Inspection for Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Cascade rodent control specialists first assess the damage and inspect the property. Your technician looks for access points, visible damage and assesses the next steps. We take pride in unraveling the mystery of how rats or mice could enter your structure. This can include taking action to prevent rodent infestation immediately after the inspection.

The initial rodent service includes setting rat traps in strategic locations. This includes exterior “trap stations” as a perimeter defense surrounding the structure.

This treatment starts Cascade’s Rodent Inspect & Protect service. The beginning of long-term rat or mouse prevention starts with our initial rodent extermination.

Rodent Exclusion / Rodent Proofing and Rodent Prevention

Our technicians have a wealth of knowledge in construction and pest biology. This makes them well equipped for rat exclusion (also referred to as rodent proofing) and mice removal. Some of the mice and rodent prevention services include:

  • Repair gaps in crawlspace or attic vents
  • Close gaps where plumbing enters the home from the crawlspace
  • Screen or install flashing at adjoining openings on the roof
  • Seal gaps around garage doors
  • Repair foundation gaps around sewer drain (rats tunnel through the sewer exit gap)
  • Remedy crevices around the crawlspace access door
  • Replace or repair crawl space hatch covers that are loose fitting

…and many more specific to your property needs!

Mice Protection through Rodent Identification and Behavioral Knowledge

Our rodent exclusion / proofing experts can identify rats and mice, and understand their behavior. They are experts in rat and mouse removal, pest control, and identifying rat damage. Rodent prevention requires this expertise. Pest control starts with understanding how a pest operates.

Rodent Prevention & Protection Service

Rodents are territorial, so when a group occupies a space they keep out other rats and mice. When you remove an infestation, now an uninhabited space for a new family of rodents appears. This leaves the structure “unguarded” and vulnerable to re-infestation.

Cascade’s Rodent Inspect & Protect Service solves this problem. Through periodic exterior inspections, we keep rodents out with our perimeter defenses.

Rodent Abatement

Mice or rat abatement is a preemptive exterminating technique. It reduces and contains rodent populations from old buildings or vacant lots. This is most usual before demolition and clearing phases of construction.

Various cities and municipalities require rodent abatement prior to certain construction projects. Cascade has a strong reputation in King County for managing this type of pest control.

Rodent Damage

Without professional pest control, you run the risk of serious damage to the property. For example, rodent damage can cause problems for homeowners when they go to sell their house. A home inspection could ask for rodent damage repairs before a sale is final. Letting this problem go could cost you more in the future.

Even tenants of a commercial property can experience the effects of rodent damage. Besides a customer or client seeing a scurrying pest, rodents destroy all parts of a building. The great holes, destroy furniture and even compromise the structure itself.

Rodent Odor and Filth

If you ignore removing rodents from your building a new problem will emerge. Mice and rats die, and dead rodent odor is not something you want in your home or place of business. Regardless of the foul smell, decaying pests is a biohazard risk. Cascade Pest Control will remove dead animals, control rodent odor, and combat any fallout from dead mice.

Removing the carcasses alone reduces the odor, but that’s not enough. We provide professional rodent odor reduction/control, sanitation, and decontamination.

Attic and/or Crawlspace Cleaning & Insulation Repair

Cascade manages attic and crawl space cleaning and insulation repair. Rodents can compress or disturb insulation to where it is ineffective. This will result in you paying higher utility costs. Rodent infestations leave filth in the attic and/or crawlspace. We can help you stop this potential biohazard. Cascade Pest Control provides cleaning and insulation repair for your home or business.

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