Inspection and Safe Spider Pest Control

Inspection and Safe Spider Pest Control

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Spider Extermination

Spiders are famous for their ominous appearance and ability to bite, often with venom. Typically, spiders will show up outside your home or business around your doors, windows, and eaves – and then find a crack or opening to invade the inside of your building. Cascade Pest Control experts strongly recommend outside spider control treatment to prevent an indoor spider infestation!

Our expert Cascade spider pest control technicians are trained to determine the type of spiders in your home or business and find a safe, effective solution. Our team will inspect your home or business to determine the cause of your spider infestation, and apply environmentally safe pest control treatments to eliminate your spider problem.

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Spider Pest Control

Cascade Pest Control’s spider extermination process includes extensive, environmentally safe treatment on your home/business exterior and treatment as needed within the interior of your home/business. During your spider control service, our technician will also brush around the exterior of doors, windows, and leaves to remove spider webs and or other evidence of spider infestation – to keep them from coming indoors!

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Ongoing Spider Control and Prevention

Established spider infestations are challenging to get under control, so it’s important to take the right steps to eliminate the spider problem and keep it from coming back. To avoid repeated spider infestations, we recommend an ongoing periodic maintenance spider control service. This is a far better, more efficient approach than waiting to respond to another new, full-blown spider infestation.

Need a Spider Exterminator?

Cascade Pest provides comprehensive spider pest control, extermination, and ongoing maintenance services in the greater Seattle and Puget Sound regions. Contact Cascade Pest control to learn more about spider control for your home or business:


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