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Refer a friend or neighbor to Cascade Pest Control and you’ll receive $80.00 off your next service when they sign up for our Inspect & Protect Pest Service.

We always ask new customers how they heard about us. So have them tell us you sent them. Also, you can always email us information on your referral. We want to reward you for your loyalty!

*Offer good until June 1st, 2023. Can not be combined with any other offers. $80.00 credit must be used within 12 months.

Customer Referral Program

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We have provided you a Client Portal so you can view Upcoming Appointments (subject to change), Invoices, Appointment Records (w/technician notes) and you can update Contact Information and Process Payments.

What is the Client Portal?

Our new online client portal we now offer which provides secure, convenient electronic interaction with our valued customers.

How do I enroll?

Click on the link above to access the log-in page to set up your account and a password.

What do I need in order to get set up?

An email address and a password

What can I use it for?

  • It allows you to make payments conveniently from your phone or computer
  • Update your billing and account information
  • See upcoming service appointments
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What debit and credit cards are accepted?

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How Your Pest Control Service Works

Controlling rodent and/or insect & spider pests around homes where we live can be quite involved, depending upon the pest species and the specific environment.  Nevertheless, the following information covers much of the basics:

The Nature of Pests and Pest Management

Pest organisms are defined by their interaction with people, either directly in the case of stings or bites, in the transmission of disease, or where they damage our structures or belongings—or when they compete for food in agriculture and food storage.   As such organisms are “pests” within particular contexts and are otherwise simply a part of nature.  Some pest species, such as rats, are invasive species and therefore pests environmentally as well as toward humans.  Obviously, when they irritate or otherwise cause us harm we need to step in and control them or they would simply take over.

Pest organisms are highly evolved to survive and thrive due to their adaptability, willingness to compete, and their strong survival instincts.  This means we have to act thoroughly to protect our own environment—our homes, etc—and that we have to be persistent in our efforts as these pest organisms will not go away on their own.

This means that controlling pests can involve sudden “assaults” when they move or expand in your neighborhood, and that patience is a virtue in attaining control of an infestation rather than resort to extreme measures that are either costly or highly toxic.

All of the above demonstrate why ongoing maintenance service is critical to proper pest management and protecting your home (or business).

Professional Standards of Cascade’s Pest Management Practices

Cascade Pest Control is licensed and insured, and each pest control technician is licensed by the state of Washington.  This licensing ensures an understanding of WA state and federal laws pertaining to pest management and focuses on achieving the most effective pest control & prevention while insuring safe practices for people, pets and the environment.

Cascade adhere’s to industry standards of professional practice as demonstrated by such organizations as the National Pest Management Association and the Washington State Pest Management Association.  Cascade Pest Control is a participating member of both associations.

Cascade additionally has adopted it’s own policies and practices to further our professionalism, effectiveness in pest management, and your environmental health.

Should you ever appear to have an issue with our service or response please immediately contact our office so that we can follow through and remedy the situation.

Working Together to Avoid Pest Infestations

Certain pests and their activity is greatly affected by your (our customer’s) cooperation and cannot be achieved without it.  Some examples would be:

  • Ensuring that garbage cans are not overfilled such that rodents can have a feast
  • limiting outdoor feeding of pets (or bird feeders) so as not to also feed insects or rodents.
  • Completing exclusion recommendations—close gaps, holes or other pest access points to limit pests—mostly rodents—from easily moving into your structure. (Often requires a contractor)

Do I need to be home during service?

You don’t need to be home for exterior services.  Certainly let us know any details for access to your property such as codes to gate locks, etc.

Cascade’s Service Warranty

Qualifying services include a conditional limited re-treatment warranty. This warranty provides an additional service between regularly scheduled services at no further cost, provided that certain measures have been met. These conditions primarily regard following recommendations made by Cascade staff. Check your service agreement for warranty details.

Pest Flare-ups – If You’re Experiencing Pest Activity

Pest organisms generally breed quickly and can build up in areas around your home or business. Then, at their opportunity, they can quickly and sometimes in significant numbers assault your premises. This, unfortunately, is simply the nature of pests and sometimes it can tax the preventive control measures in place at your property. Please note that there is no way a to control rats from traversing through your property, as our perimeter defense systems is designed to prevent them from gaining access to the structure. However, we still want to know. If and when a number of pests should present over time please call us at (425) 642-6264 so we can plan an appropriate response. After hours leave a message and we will respond the following business day.

Pesticides—Why? What Are They? Are they safe?

There has been an enormous evolution around “pesticides” over the last 4 or 5 decades.  Obviously, “pesticides” have been associated with toxicity and harmful effects however it should be understood that  any chemical—even if natural, extremely low in toxicity, even made of something we can eat like peppermint oil—is legally defined as a pesticide.

All pesticides are governed by the Environmental Protection Agency as well as WA state with rigorous standards of safety (as well as effectiveness). Both Cascade and each technician is licensed to ensure your safety and protection of the environment.

Cascade has earned environmental health and safety awards due to policies and practices that further ensure the use of less toxic materials that can still effectively protect your home and health. It should also be known that qualifying characteristics of those hired at Cascade includes a meaningful appreciation and care for our customers and the environment.

Honey Bees & other pollinators

Risk to pollinators occurs when insecticides are applied to flowering plants.  This allows the pollinators to make contact with insecticides.  Cascade does not generally provide insecticide application to trees and shrubs in the first place, however, when treating for insects and spiders near the home our staff is specifically trained to avoid such overspray with flowering plants

Note: Cascade is in contact with entomologists who work to prevent damage to pollinators.  Importantly, these entomologists have determined that honey bees are not natural to our area and that it is our resident pollinators, Including mason bees and leaf-cutting bees, are of utmost concern.  Cascade maintains “colonies” of both of these types of pollinators at our office to enhance their populations.

Rodent bait & raptors and pets

Raptors: All of us at Cascade have an appreciation for our setting here in the northwest and specifically our natural environment and its wildlife.  That being said, we have closely watched developments around both the science and media reaction around secondary poisoning of raptors.  The concern is that a raptor could get ‘secondary poisoning’ from a rodent dying from a rodenticide.  The studies are continuing to develop to clarify the risk and what, if any, actual damage is done in the context of urban and/or residential control of rodents.  There is perhaps a greater risk if your home is immediately next to a large field and we can, upon request, change to the type of rodenticide allowed in California in their efforts to avoid damage to raptors.

Pets: Our rodent bait stations are designed to be “tamper resistant” such that it is rather difficult for a pet to gain access to a rodenticide. Additionally, rodenticides are designed to control a ½ lb to 1 lb rat (or certainly a mouse) while remaining harmless to dogs and cats (rarely weighing less than 7 lbs). We can provide very specific information on the product should you need it.

Current Terms and Conditions

Last Updated 6/23/23

Pest Management Standards

Cascade is dedicated to providing professional pest control service in accordance with current pest management technology, standards of the industry and applicable state and federal laws. Cascade selects

Contact Cascade for Any/All Problems or Questions

Your Cascade, as well as other Cascade personnel, are trained in the biology and control of many pest species. Should any questions or concerns regarding pests or our service, call Cascade promptly.

Nature of Pests & Limitations of Liability

It is understood that pests largely go unnoticed and are biologically successful; that pest control measures are limited by federal and state laws; pest control must be moderated to maintain human and environmental safety; and that control of pests is often dependent upon client’s cooperation. Cascade and/or its representatives are not building experts, nor can we assess those portions of the structure that are hidden by nature. Our inspections are for signs of pests and are limited to what is visible and evident at the time of pest assessment. Structural or other pest damage may exist that was not noticed or is hidden from view.

While Cascade’s efforts are designed to reduce incidence of damage, filth, and/or spread of disease, customer understands that no warranty regarding pest damage, filth, or disease is implied and customer holds Cascade harmless should it occur.

Critical Rodent Information for clients of Cascade Pest Control

Rodents—Rats, Mice, Squirrels, etc.—are wild animals & an unpredictable force of nature. Rodents are highly adaptive wild animals and their behavior is a matter of survival. Under certain conditions rodent populations surge in localized areas resulting in new assaults to neighborhoods, possibly including client property. Cascade will at each service inspect for evidence of rodent resurgence. Should you see activity or other evidence call and inform us at Cascade promptly.

Rodents in greater Seattle/Puget Sound Region. Rats are a particular problem in the greater Seattle/Puget Sound region due to our climate and other factors. The local climate and abundant rainfall/moisture is ideal for both Norway and Roof rats. As such they are well- established in every urban and suburban neighborhood in greater Seattle. Mice are indigenous, well established and abundant in large numbers wherever rats have not yet displaced them, mostly residential neighborhoods and more rural environments.

Rodents often cause Damage and/or Filth. Rodents routinely leave urine, droppings and saliva that are not only unsightly, but also may contain bacteria and other pathogens. Certain rodents (particularly deer mice) can carry hantavirus, which causes a harmful respiratory disease; on occasion people have contracted Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in the greater Seattle/Puget Sound region.

Rodents (rats, mice, squirrels) also cause chewing damage to wood, roofing, plumbing, and other items. Rodents also cause circuit disconnection, ‘power shorts’, and fires by gnawing on house wiring. Rodents commonly trample and compress insulation compromising its integrity and requiring replacement of insulation in tight, hard to access, spaces.

Damage to Cars/RVs/Stored Boats. Damage to vehicles—including wiring, upholstery and insulation—is common and costly. Special care and limitations apply. Consult your Cascade technician for more information.

Limits of Cascade Rodent Pest Management Services. Pest Management efforts are defined by industry standards, and limited by the nature of rodent pests (above), construction and human factors, law (pesticide regulations) and economics (frequency & scope of service selected by client.) Cascade’s Rodent management service is limited to the reduction, elimination and/or prevention of infestation of rodents. As such it does not extend to remediating access points, damage or filth [unless otherwise separately and specifically contracted by Cascade.] Cascade does not warrant that all rodent signs or damage have been identified. See specific Cascade agreement’s definitions and limitations of warranty, if any.

Pest Management Success Requires Client Participation. Please pay careful attention to any findings and heed recommendations that your technician presents to you. See our website for information on Integrated Pest Management.

Home Inspections at time of sale or refinance of home may report existing rodent signs that could affect the sale/refinance. This could delay or even harm the sale/refinance, or result in significant expenses. Consult your Cascade technician if/when you are planning to sell your home.


Your Cascade technician is a licensed pest control operator, trained in pest biology and pest control safety. It is necessary to follow all recommendations regarding our service. It is necessary to follow recommendations made regarding exclusion, pet food, garbage cans, barbecues, spilt bird seed, vegetation against home and other items in order to help impede rodents, insects and other pests, reduce the likelihood of pest-carried disease and to validate and maintain warranty.

Conditional Limited Warranty

Cascade’s Re-Treatment Warranty Coverage & Terms (all cases where warranty is valid) — Cascade’s re-treatment warranty provides additional service visit(s) should an insurance of target pest(s) present, provided that (a) service has been maintained continually from start and/or without interruption over previous 4 months; (b) recommendations (described above) have been followed by homeowner/property manager; and (c) account payment is current. In all cases warranty is limited to further treatment and does not cover damage or injury by pests.

Payment and Cancellation Terms

General—Cascade’s prices are based on cash terms. Accounts not paid within 30 days will be considered delinquent and a LATE CHARGE of $30.00 will be applied to the account. Purchaser agrees to be liable for reasonable collection costs. A $30 NSF fee will be charged for all returned checks.

Additional terms for Maintenance Services (recurring services) Client agrees to pay full amount for any service not rescheduled with 24 hours notice. Client agrees to accept each service until canceled by either party providing 30 days written notice (USPS or email). On accounts with rodent bait stations, upon cancellation a bait station retrieval fee of $75.00 will apply unless Cascade can retrieve bait stations at final service.

If your account is past due, it will be placed on HOLD to stop further new services charges from occurring until account is brought current, including any late fees. While account is on hold we cannot schedule any appointments including warranty services.

Privacy Policy

Cascade will not sell or otherwise distribute your information, including your Email address

Terms and Conditions Relating to Specific Services

For some details such as for original pricing and target pest(s).

Cascade Limited Treatment Agreement – Used for one-time or two-time services only. No ongoing maintenance included.

General Statement Specific to Limited Treatment Agreement. This ‘Limited Treatment’ only covers an isolated pest problem in a limited manner. As such it does not more fully address the pest control or prevention needs that would appropriately help protect your health and property. Insect and rodent pests are stealthy, prolific and tenacious by nature. As such these pests are often well-infested long before being discovered. Just like health care or auto maintenance, your home needs routine maintenance before problems set in. For this reason, we recommend our Inspect &Protect programs for ongoing periodic service to protect you and your home.

Cascade Inspect & Protect Services – Maintenance services for ants, spiders and other pests on a frequency that is monthly, bi-monthly, or rarely a quarterly.

Most terms and conditions are as stated above (see ‘general’ as well as applies for maintenance service).

Customer Discount on additional Cascade Pest Services (other than original target pest(s)). 20% discount; 30% discount when arranged in advance to be done at time of regularly scheduled maintenance service.

Cascade Rodent Service Agreement

General—Cascade’s Rodent Service establishes and maintains a protective perimeter defense against rats and/or mice to prevent them from entering the home living space and any attic and/or crawlspace. Service covers primary structure and does not include detached sheds, barns, other outbuildings unless specifically stated on agreement.

Initial Service — Placement of up to four bait stations around perimeter of home. Traps will be placed inside and near entry to any attic and/or substructure crawlspace. Exclusion Inspection with report (covers examination of house exterior perimeter and substructure crawlspace to determine presence of rodent damage, nesting and/or entry points.)

Maintenance Service — Begins about two weeks after initial service. Frequency varies such as monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc. Service is designed to maintain exterior perimeter protective barrier—Inspect and Replenish tamper resistant bait stations; Inspect exterior perimeter for signs of rodents; Check and Refresh traps set inside exterior-access substructure crawlspace. At client’s request arrangements will be made to check attic(s) and/or interior- access crawl spaces once each year. Note: technician does not fully enter attic space(s) to avoid compressing insulation.

In cases where rodents were initially active in attic (or an interior-access crawlspace), said attic (or other access) will be checked/serviced until control is accomplished as determined by your technician. Customer Discount on additional Cascade Pest Services other than rodents—(beyond specified target pest(s)) (…ants, wasp nest, etc) 20% off; 30% off when arranged in advance to be done at time of regularly scheduled maintenance service.

Separate Additional Rodent Services Available from Cascade:

Exclusion Work — Closing holes, gaps and/or repairs to help keep rodents from having easy access inside home, crawlspace and/or attic. Work is limited to specific areas noted on agreement. COMPLETING THIS AND ANY OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS IS A REQUIREMENT FOR RE-TREATMENT WARRANTY TO BE IN EFFECT.

Additional Attic Check and/or Interior-Access Crawlspace Check Service. Should customer desire an attic and/or interior access crawl check beyond what is covered by agreement (see above) additional checks can be made at additional cost. Attic and/or Interior-access Crawlspace checked from access and traps reset — $35.00+tax when performed at time of regularly scheduled maintenance service, otherwise $135 +tax. *price subject to client providing cleared access. Note: technician does not fully enter attic to avoid compressing insulation. Fees waived should activity be found when account qualifies for warranty.

Billing and Invoices

View Sample Appointment Record & Invoice

Changing a Service

Changing an Appointment

Initial or ‘stand alone’ Services require a 24 hours notification to change or cancel without a cancelation fee.

Maintenance (ongoing) Service changes:

Please Call or Text our office for any changes to a maintenance appointment on the day of service.

Please Email, Call or Text our office for changes to an appointment scheduled the following day. Messages left after hours are responded to the following business morning.

Changing Frequency of Service

Most Cascade pest management services vary from monthly, to bi-monthly (with warranty) and some quarterly services (normally without warranty). Changing the frequency of your services may occur for one of the following reasons:

  • A pest infestation factor that warrants a more frequent service. This could due to a larger than normal rodent population in your neighborhood, many carpenter ants due to next door woodlands, or heavy spider infestations along a waterfront. Compromises to the home (or other) structure make it more vulnerable to pests, therefore, requiring more frequent service.
  • Financial Reasons—you may have financial reasons to pull back on your service frequency but still need pest protection.
  • Occasionally, after utilizing monthly service to gain control over an initial infestation your technician may advise you when it’s fine to roll back to a bi-monthly service.
  • Move from quarterly to bi-monthly service in order to be covered by Cascade’s re-treatment warranty.

In any case, call us should you have questions about the frequency of service.

Skipping a Maintenance Service

Skipping a maintenance service will temporarily interrupt any provided warranty by Cascade. Should you skip a service Cascade would not be able to inspect, monitor and protect your home consistently enough to warrant the work. Any active re-treatment warranty will be suspended until you resume and have completed one or two services to insure that the target pest(s) are again under control.

Canceling a Maintenance Service & Alternatives to Canceling Service

First, to avoid pest infestation and damage it is wise to always be fully protected with a professional pest management service. The damage from rodents, wood destroying organisms, or other pests is too great to ignore. So it is best to employ an alternative to canceling service whenever possible.

2 Ways to Avoid Cancelling Service—Reducing Service Frequency or Suspending Service.

  • Reducing Service Frequency may address your needs. See Changing Frequency of Service (above).
  • Suspending Service short term may work for you. This is when you have us suspend your service for up to 6 months and then we resume service. Of course, any applicable warranty is also suspended during this time. Call us to discuss this option in regards to your specific pest control needs.

Canceling Your Service—You may have a need to cancel pest control and protection for some reason, possibly because you are selling your home. Consider the options above and if you need to cancel your service call our office. Note: we need a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel any previously scheduled service that is immediately due.

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