Pest Control and Rodent Control in Seattle, WA

Reliable Pest Extermination and Removal in Seattle

Local, Environmentally-Safe Infestation Removal and Damage Control methods since 1979

For 40 years, Cascade Pest Control technicians have been dedicated to ensuring the safety of your personal health and the health of your property through their comprehensive Pest and Rodent Control services.

Family owned and operated since 1979, Cascade Pest control has specialized knowledge and experience in the Seattle region, allowing their technicians to provide expert service to meet your unique needs.

Seattle Rat / Rodent Control

Our licensed and insured technicians work with you to provide fast, high-quality, and thorough rat, mouse, or rodent control service.  Whether at home or at work, Cascade Pest Control offers a variety of services to ensure that your property is clean and safe.

Mouse / Rat / Rodent Control Services include:

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Seattle Pest Control Process

Expert Pest Control for Residential and Commercial Properties

The Seattle region is especially prone to different types of pest infestation. Cascade Pest Control technicians are trained and certified to comprehensively inspect, evaluate, and tailor a pest treatment and prevention plan to best serve your home or business’ needs.

For Cascade Pest Control Services in the Seattle Area Call 888-989-8979

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