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Trusted Pest & Rodent Control in Redmond

Redmond is prone to a variety of pests and rodents, but pest / rodent removal or extermination is only one part of the control process. Cascade’s licensed and trained technicians provide ongoing service both during and after initial pest/rodent control treatment to ensure that your property is protected and fortified against future infestations.

Cascade’s Pest Control Services Include:

Cascade’s Rodent Control Services Cover:

  • Rat, Mouse, and Other Redmond-prone Rodent Removal
  • Rat & Mouse Prevention—secure your home against future infestations
  • Rodent Control for Redmond Real Estate and Property Management
  • Property Inspection—identify & plan a defense against your specific rodent problem
  • Comprehensive Follow-Through Response—to ensure that your needs are being properly met
  • Environmentally Safe Rodent Trapping and Extermination
  • Rodent Damage Remediation—get your property back to its original condition

Searching for Award Winning Service and Effective Results? Call Cascade Pest Control.

As a family owned and operated company in business for 40 years, Cascade is dedicated to providing quality, reliable, and local service to commercial and residential properties in the Redmond area.

Cascade understands the value of your time, health, and property, which is why our licensed technicians work thoroughly, promptly, and with environmentally-safe products to control and prevent any current or future pest / rodent infestation.

Redmond’s Best Choice for Safe & Reliable Pest / Rodent Control Services

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