Pest & Rodent Control Services in Auburn, WA

Pest Extermination and Rodent Control Services in Auburn

Protecting Your Health and Property from Pest Infestation and Damage

Cascade Pest Control has provided pest removal of ants, rats, termites, mice, spiders and other pests in Auburn, Washington as well as south King & Pierce counties for 40 years.

Cascade Pest Control—local and family-owned since 1979

Current Pest Infestations — Cascade is your solution.

Signs of Pests? Pest Damage? Need Rodent, Insect or Spider Protection?

When a pest infestation is already established you need Cascade to remove the immediate pest problem.  We at Cascade Pest Control exterminate rodents, such as rats or mice.  And we control ants, termites, other insect pests, and spiders.

Auburn Pest Control Services Include:

  • Pest Removal/Extermination — Get pest infestations under control!
  • Pest Control Service — Your protection by preventing pests before they infest.
  • Pest Exclusion — Keep pests out!
  • Rodent Contamination Cleanup and Rodent Damage Remediation & Repair

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Keep Pests Gone – Prevent Pest Infestations and Protect Your Property & Family

It’s not enough to react after insects or rodents have taken over.  Don’t let pests just keep coming back.  Protect your home or business from rats, mice, termites and spiders before they infest your home with Cascade’s Inspect & Protect pest service.  Cascade Pest Control provides pest solutions that last.

  • Pest Control Service—Your Protection by preventing pests before they infest
  • Get rid of Nuisance Pests and Spider Webs
  • Prevent Pest Damage and the Spread of Disease
  • Keep insect and rodent pests from invading your home or business

For Auburn Pest Control, call 1-888-989-8979

Expert Rodent Control Services in Auburn, WA

Control of rats and mice is a dirty job that is best left to trained, experienced rodent control experts. In the Auburn and Pacific Northwest region, rats and mice have cause millions of dollars in damage. Our goal is to work with you to help you understand the steps we take for rat and mice prevention in your home or business.

Cascade Rodent Control Services Include:

  • Rat, Mice, Rodent Inspection – we assess the rodent infestation to know next steps for control
  • Rodent Identification – and behavioral knowledge
  • Begin rat and mice extermination and trap setting
  • Rodent Abatement
  • Rodent Damage, odor, filth
  • Rodent Exclusion and Rodent Proofing – for prevention and protection
  • Rodent exclusion/proofing and rodent prevention

For Auburn Rodent Control, call 1-888-989-8979

Why Choose Cascade Pest Control?

  • Forty years’ experience in the Northwest region
  • Family owned and operated since 1979
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Each technician is licensed
  • Cascade has earned environmental awards for cleaner/safer pest control

Protecting your Health and Property with Expert Pest & Rodent Control in Auburn, WA

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