Learning the Secret Language of Ants for Ant Control


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Learning the Secret Language of Ants for Ant Control

Ants are fascinating creatures with complex societies. Delving into their amazing world can give us a new appreciation for this insect (as long as they aren’t swarming in your pantry). Understanding the secret language of ants can open our eyes to an amazing world of insect interaction – and maybe even provide some insight into […]

marigolds for ant control

Landscaping for Ant Control

Keeping ants under control can feel like an insurmountable obstacle for home and business owners. Our busy, little neighbors just keep coming and coming. So what can you do?  When ants are in their proper place, they are important to help aerate the soil for healthy lawns, kill and eat grubs that can destroy plants, […]

Carpenter ants

Controlling Carpenter Ants in Damp Environments

The beautiful climate of the Seattle region is not only attractive to residents, but it can also attract unwanted pests like carpenter ants. Unfortunately, the Pacific Northwest is all too attractive to these destructive insects. Learning how to control carpenter ants in damp environments can go a long way for a homeowner’s peace of mind. […]

Diatomaceous earth

DIY Ant Control: Will Diatomaceous Earth Kill Ants?

Finding a trail of ants from your door to your pantry is no laughing matter. So when faced with such a situation, many homeowners with an ant problem are quick to look for solutions that they can do promptly and effectively on their own. One common DIY option for ant control is diatomaceous earth, a […]

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Understanding Ant Behavior for Effective Ant Control

Ants! These ubiquitous little critters seem unavoidable. And you wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that they are everywhere. Scientists have identified at least 12,000 different species of these highly social, adaptable insects on every continent (except Antarctica). Understanding a bit more about ants and their behavior can lead to more effective control of these pests […]

ant infestation in a home

5 Signs You Have an Ant Infestation

1 ant. . . 2 ants. . .3 ants. . .4!! How many is too many? If you are seeing the occasional ant on the window sill or an intruder by the shoe rack, do you need to be concerned? How do you know when you have an ant infestation on your hands? Well, while […]

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How to Get Rid of Ants

When the warm weather arrives in the Pacific Northwest, the ants are rarely far behind. Ants are among the most common pests to invade area homes during the summer. The odorous house ant can quickly become a serious nuisance for homeowners once they make it inside, and carpenter ants can be especially difficult to deal […]

velvety tree-ant

Velvety Tree Ants – What You Need to Know

Washington state is home to a number of types of ants, but that is no surprise as these common insects are found the world over – from north to south, east to west, ants reside on nearly every continent and island on earth. Ants are so abundant and persistent that they inevitably run afoul of […]

Adult Female Ponerine Ant

Ponerine Ants – What You Need to Know

Ants are one of the most common insects found all around the world. New species of ants continue to be found even today. In fact, scientists speculate that they have only identified about half of all possible species. Ants are found from the arctic to the tropics and on every island in the world. This […]

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5 Effective Ant Control Tips

If you’ve ever had your home invaded by ants, then you know that you don’t want it to happen again. A trail of those industrious pests meandering through your cupboards, marching over your floors, and swarming along cabinets and doorways is a traumatic experience not to be repeated. Instead of dealing with an ant infestation […]

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