How to Control Ants in the House


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How to Control Ants in the House

Temperatures are rising and the sun is starting to be a more regular part of our lives again, but unfortunately this comes with a risk of pests finding their way into your home as well. Household ants are the most common and infuriating pest offender in these cases. Figuring out how they’re even getting in […]

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Ants in the Seattle / Puget Sound Region

In order to address an ant infestation, one of the first key steps is identifying which type of ants are in or around your home. There are a number of ant species common to the Seattle and wider Puget Sound area, each with their own tendencies. Common varieties found within the home include the odorous […]

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How to Get Rid of Ants

When the warm weather arrives in the Pacific Northwest, the ants are rarely far behind. Ants are among the most common pests to invade area homes during the summer. The odorous house ant can quickly become a serious nuisance for homeowners once they make it inside, and carpenter ants can be especially difficult to deal […]

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Thatching Ants – What You Need to Know

Formica Obscuripes, or Thatching Ants, get their more common name from creating large mounds they build from various yard debris, such as small sticks, grass stems, leaves, pine needles, and/or whatever the common area vegetation allows. Similar to a ‘thatched roof’, the mounds are thought to collect solar radiation, providing warming during cooler periods, while […]

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Can You Have Ants in Winter?

While Seattle temperatures are seemingly cold enough to force pests and insects into hibernation during winter, some home and business owners still struggle with ants in winter – appearing inside during this season. This may seem like a small, inconsequential scenario, but ant activity in winter possibly signals a dangerous lapse in your home or […]

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Carpenter Ants – What You Need to Know

For many Seattle and Puget Sound residents, there are two primary types of ants that may become a nuisance in the home: the house ant, which forages for food indoors, and the carpenter ant, which lives within damaged parts of the home’s structure. Carpenter ants typically arrive in force during the start of the summer, […]

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Carpenter Ant Infestation Discovery on Home Remodel Project

Carpenter Ant Infestation Home Damage While in the process of a home remodel, this video reveals the damage that a carpenter ant infestation can do to homes in the Seattle region. Shown on the floor, here, are some of the many carpenter ants that fell from an exposed nest site. The process of home remodeling […]

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How to Get Rid of Garden Ants

Getting Rid of Garden Ants The “garden ant” is a colloquial name that simply refers to any ant that is commonly found outside in your yard. Problems occur when these outside ants venture indoors, as they can contaminate stored food and eating surfaces. Improve Ant Control Methods by Understanding Nesting Habits Many common ant varieties only […]

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How to Control Black Ants

We at Cascade Pest Control get many calls for “black ants.”  People are frustrated and want their black ants removed, exterminated.  Problem is, there are at least two main types of black ant pests that require professional ant control measures. What Types of Black Ants are in the Seattle Area? Both ‘odorous house ants,’ and […]

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Carpenter Ants – wood destroying insects in Northwest

Carpenter ants are the most commonly encountered wood destroying insects in the Pacific Northwest. They are responsible for damage to thousands of homes each year.  The damage can be limited, or it can be extensive, costing thousands of dollars to repair the home or commercial structure.  Therefore, it is important to protect houses and other […]

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