Leaf-Cutting Bee Pollinators & Cascade Pest Control

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leaf-cutting bees for pollination

Leaf-Cutting Bee Pollinators & Cascade Pest Control

Cascade Cultivates Pollinating Leaf-Cutting Bees Here at our Cascade office, we have cultivated leaf-cutting bees to help enhance their species and help the local pollination process of plants. Here is a close up of our leaf-cutting bees amongst the other tubes that either have larvae, yet to emerge, and other tubes where the bees have […]

Northern House Mosquito

Common Mosquito Types in Washington State

Mosquitoes in the Pacific Northwest Mosquitoes – those blood sucking, disease-spreading, painfully biting, itchy-bump causing nuisances of summer. While more than 40 different mosquito species can be found in Washington state, the Pacific Northwest has not always been known as a hotbed of mosquito activity. It has always had its share of mosquitoes, but the […]

bugs pest control

Spring Pest Control: what to look for

While spring may turn a young man’s fancy to thoughts of love, it turns a bug’s thoughts to food and reproduction. As the weather warms, you may find the outdoor world flooded with buzzing, humming, creeping, jumping, and crawling insects. Spring is the time to stop an infestation before it starts, so keep your eyes […]

odorous ants

5 Effective Ant Control Tips

If you’ve ever had your home invaded by ants, then you know that you don’t want it to happen again. A trail of those industrious pests meandering through your cupboards, marching over your floors, and swarming along cabinets and doorways is a traumatic experience not to be repeated. Instead of dealing with an ant infestation […]

black roof rat

Common Pests in Snohomish County, WA

Pests and rodents plague many home and business owners all over Washington. It’s something that unfortunately is common across people living in this area. The variety of pests may differ from county to county, though, so it’s good to understand what pests are near you if your home or business is in the Snohomish County […]

bugs pest control

Seattle’s Biggest Pest Problems

What are Seattle’s Biggest Pest Problems? The Seattle area is home to many beautiful areas and fun activities, but unfortunately also home to a variety of different pests. Knowing how to protect your space against these pests is important in maintaining the safety and cleanliness of your home or business. Cascade Pest Control is here […]

rodent builds nest inside car engine

Can Rodents Damage Your Car?

Many of us in the Seattle area have run into a rodent from time to time. They thrive in this area because of the weather and the amount of people, so we do our best to keep our home or business well-protected. Have you considered also watching your car for rodent damage, though? How To […]

seattle rodents

Winter Pests in the Seattle Region

Just because you may not see as many pests out and about once winter hits, doesn’t mean that they aren’t around. Particularly in the greater Seattle region, some household pests go into hibernation when the weather gets colder, but the ones who don’t will still be on the hunt for warm shelter and easy access […]


City Environments are Making Rats Larger

Giant Rats—Wild Urban Animals, including rats, mice, opossums, and others are growing larger! Yes, those stories of huge rats in our city environments have proven to be true.  And it doesn’t stop with rats either.  The study, done by the Florida Museum of Natural History, shows that wild mammals living in urban environments are steadily […]

American Cockroach

What Attracts Cockroaches?

We’ve all had a run in with cockroaches at one point or another. Whether it’s outside on the sidewalk or inside your home, they have a knack of showing up where they aren’t wanted. Even here in the greater Seattle area, roaches are known to pop up from time to time. It can be confusing […]

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