Rodents & Human Diseases


mice and the hantavirus

Rodents & Human Diseases

The Necessity of Rodent Control While mice and rats can cause serious damage to the structure of your home or business, they are also very dangerous to the health of you and others sharing the infested space. It doesn’t help that rodents nest and feed off of human waste, so the threat is unfortunately never […]

mouse control

Is It Really Possible to Get Rid of Mice?

Mice are probably one of the most persistent and pervasive of household pests. Over time mice have become so habituated to human dwellings that they can hardly live without them. So it might seem that it is impossible to get rid of mice. But don’t give up without a fight. You don’t need to share […]

Deer Mouse

What Types of Rodents Invade Homes?

Winter: a time when small, furry creatures seek shelter and food in our homes. Although there is never truly an “off season” for rodent invaders, winter can be a prime time for marauders. The same things that make our homes appealing to us can also attract rodents. What is a rodent? The classification of “Rodent” […]

pack rat

Why Do Rodents Come Inside Your Home?

The where and why of a rodent infestation are closely linked. Where you find a twitchy nose also reveals why they are there. Found a mouse behind the water heater? Likely, he was looking for warmth and shelter. Saw evidence of a rat near the garbage? She was probably looking for food. Rats and mice […]

home rodent control

Where Rodents Hide In Your Home

Scratching noises in your walls at night? Dropping in cupboards? Chewed holes in boxes? You just might have a rodent problem. Part of rodent control involves finding out if there is a nest in your house. So where might those buggers be hiding? Let’s look at some of the common places that rodents take shelter […]

House mouse (Mus musculus)

What Attracts Mice?

We’ve all seen the old cartoons or common traps that advertise mice being lured in with the promise of cheese. Have you ever wondered what else attracts these rodents and how you can prevent them from nesting in your space? Cascade Pest Control has the answers. Effective Mouse Control The key to effective mouse control […]


What are Rats Afraid Of?

If you’ve ever unexpectedly come across a rat, they can be quite startling. Especially if they’re traveling with friends, rats are not what you want to be surprised by. Whether it’s in your home or business, a rat infestation is something that Seattle residents must actively work to prevent given their prevalence in this area. […]

rat control billboard in Seattle-photo source King County

Seattle’s History of Rats

As many residents and business owners may know, the rat population in the Seattle area continues to grow with its population. Rat control in the greater Seattle area is an ongoing problem for both urban and suburban residents, as rats have a long history in this region. Origins of Seattle Rat Populations The most common […]

pack rat

What’s a Pack Rat? Is It a Real Rat?

Are Pack Rats Really Rats? As a kid my dad would look in my bedroom and jokingly call me a “pack rat.”  It’s a phrase we often attribute to an accumulation of stuff, especially when it tends toward outright ‘hoarding.’  But where does that phrase and its associating come from? Pack rats really exist, and […]

Deer Mouse

Deer Mouse vs House Mouse

What’s the Difference Between Deer Mice and House Mice? There are many similarities between the house mouse and the deer mouse… and there is often confusion associated with identifying the deer mouse and the house mouse. So, what are differences? To start, they do not come from the same family of mice, so rodent control […]

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