Rats vs Mice: Why it Matters


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Rats vs Mice: Why it Matters

Be it a rat or a mouse, most see a rodent and PANIC. This is a natural reaction, as both are bad news for the safety and health of your home or business. While their tell-tale signs and physicality appear similar, rat and mouse habits actually aren’t the same. This is important when it comes […]

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What is Rat or Rodent Exclusion?

Rodents like mice and rats are among the most common pests in the Seattle area, in urban, suburban, rural, and shoreline settings. The number of rodents in the area makes it very likely that most local homes and businesses will eventually be forced to deal with an infestation. While our Cascade Pest technicians can certainly […]

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5 Reasons for Professional Rodent & Rat Control

Why are there so many rats, mice, and rodents in the Seattle region, and what should you do if some of them choose to invade your home? Rats are especially common in places where large groups of humans live, because rats depend on humans to survive. The population growth, climate, and landscape of Seattle and […]

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Cascade’s 3-Step Rodent Control Process

Our Rat, Mice, Rodent Control Process Cascade’s rodent control process has three steps: Step 1 – Initial Rodent Service This step includes, first, an inspection of your property. Whether residential or commercial, Cascade has you covered. Inspecting the property first allows us to get a better idea of your structure’s vulnerabilities or if there are any existing infestations […]

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Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work to Control Rats or Other Pests?

We humans are so enamored by technology that we can sometimes think an electronic device or app will solve any and every problem we have.  And as an attempt to DIY (Do It Yourself), ultrasound, defined by sound frequencies beyond the upper limit of human hearing, has been used as by DIYer’s for pest and […]

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Do Rats & Mice Hibernate?

Those hailing from the Seattle & Greater Puget Sound region are all too familiar with the present threat of rats & mice to their homes or businesses. While most rodents do hibernate in the winter, these pests don’t drop off the radar when the cold sets in. In fact, rats and mice can become more […]

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What Are the Best DIY Mouse Traps?

Mice have been plaguing homes and businesses for ages, so there’s been a lot of research done about how to best get rid of them. From chemical services, traditional traps, and inventive DIY contraptions, people have become quite creative in their venture to exterminate these pests. That being said, there are some techniques that work […]

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Dumpsters Attract Rats

Dumpsters and Rats … and why it matters to you right where you live! It’s probably obvious that rats are excellent dumpster divers.  With dumpsters full of food scraps they can be a major source of nourishment for both species of rats found in the greater Seattle/Puget Sound region. Dumpsters—oversized garbage cans—are used by commercial […]

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What Do Rats Do at Night?

Do you hear noises at night in your attic or crawlspace? Rats and rodents are very active at night and can be in a home or building structure for years, before even being noticed! What might be going on in your attic or crawlspace at night? Playtime & Exercise – Rats are nocturnal, or most […]

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How Do Exterminators Get Rid of Rodents?

While rats are certainly a concern for many home and business owners in the greater Puget Sound region, they are not the only rodent that can cause damage to your space. Mice along with squirrels or even voles and moles can create structural and health issues to the interior and exterior of your space. Especially […]

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