Do We Check Crawl Spaces for Rodents?

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

If you’ve ever struggled with a rat or mouse infestation, then you know the frustrations that can arise when trying to get a handle on these furry invaders. 

As a company that regularly deals with pests and rodents, we’re here to answer some of your burning questions. Recently, customers have asked, “Do you check crawl spaces for rodents?” 

Let’s dive into the various scenarios…and answer your questions:

Will You Check My Crawl Space / Attic Every Time?

Cascade Pest Control Technician

Since every situation is unique, we will assess your building and evidence of infestation to see whether there is a need to check those areas. Certainly, if a given space has evidence of rodents, the crawl space or attic will be inspected (especially during the first couple of treatments). The information we gather can provide data for developing a treatment plan of attack.

As the infestation comes under control, the “battlefront” becomes the exterior perimeter of the home rather than the interior. This benefits the customer as the time-consuming and costly nature of checking the attic or substructure crawlspace can be an added expense that isn’t necessary once the initial infestation is managed. 

Placing and monitoring traps within reach of the attic or crawl space access points can often be enough to eradicate the pests. Rats and mice (especially those prevalent in the Puget Sound region) travel extensively each day, seeking food and nesting materials, so they are extremely likely to contact those strategically placed traps. These traps are more conveniently located for easy monitoring and will likely be checked nearly every service appointment (rather than a full physical check of the attic or crawlspace). As the traps provide data on the activity and presence of rodents, treatment plans can be modified and traps can be checked even less frequently. 

When Will You Check My Crawl Space / Attic?

So, you might be wondering, when will we do a full check of an attic or crawl space.

  • In an initial inspection of a suspected rodent infestation, it is prudent to do a thorough check of all spaces. This is even more likely if there is evidence that the rats or mice are gaining access through that location. Finding and eliminating access points is a huge step in the eradication process. However, if there is clear evidence of another access point and no evidence of an attic or crawl space infestation, it might not be worth the cost and time of such an inspection. We will work with you, the homeowner, to find the best treatment plan of attack. 
  • If increased activity shows evidence of a new rodent assault, another inspection of the crawl space or your attic might be warranted. This activity might be seen through tripped traps, droppings / trails, or even finding rodents in strategically placed traps. If there is a need, crawl space or attic inspections may still be required. 
Cascade Rodent Inspection

Checking crawl spaces and attics for rodents can be a time-consuming and costly process, that is not always warranted. Once a rodent infestation is under control, it can be monitored and assessed without requiring a full physical search at every visit.

If you need help controlling or eradicating a rodent infestation, call Cascade Pest Control 888-989-8979 to develop a treatment plan.

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