Common Spider Myths


house spider

Common Spider Myths

One of the most notorious household pests, the sight of a spider or its web usually incites a degree of panic in the average resident. In Washington in particular, our mornings can be rudely interrupted by running into a web that has been spun across our path out the door. While their webs can be […]

Black Widow Spider

SPIDERS and Spider Control in Washington State

Spiders Native to Washington State Spiders are famous for their ominous appearance, ability to bite-often with venom, their webs and their predacious nature. Different than insects, which have six legs, spiders have eight legs and their thoraxes and heads are “fused” into a “cephalothorax.”  The eight legs and body type make them “arachnids,” and not […]

what causes spider infestation

What Causes Spider Infestations?

Whether you have a genuine phobia or simply can’t stand the thought of spiders crawling through your home, there’s no doubt that a spider infestation is a very unwelcome sight for homeowners, especially throughout the Seattle area. Autumn is one of the most common times of the year for spider problems, because many spiders emerge […]

spider control when is it time

When Is It Time to Call a Spider Exterminator?

Spiders are fairly unique among local pests, because unlike most pests they do bring some benefits to the table around the home. Spiders often feed on more troublesome pests, so some people don’t mind having one or two around their home or business. Of course, spiders are also among the most feared pests, so for […]

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