Rat Management and Control

Rat Control

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Rat Management and Control

It can be quite overwhelming when you realize you have a rat problem. This kind of infestation is different than treating ants or other pests, and it feels like more of a violation to have rats in your home or business. The key to keeping a handle on the situation is having a strong rat […]

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Rat Species in Washington State

Whether you’re a new transplant to the greater Puget Sound region or you’re a seasoned Washingtonian, it’s important to be informed about rats. Unfortunately they are a plague to our area due to the damp, forested communities that we inhabit. Rats and rodents have become accustomed to relying on our spaces and waste to survive, […]

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Can You Have Winter Rats?

Some rodents hibernate during the winter, but unfortunately rats are NOT one of those hibernating critters. What’s doubly unfortunate is that, when the colder weather hits, rate are even more in need of warm lodging and a reliable food source. This makes your home or business more attractive and more at risk of a rat […]

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Rats vs Mice: Why it Matters

Be it a rat or a mouse, most see a rodent and PANIC. This is a natural reaction, as both are bad news for the safety and health of your home or business. While their tell-tale signs and physicality appear similar, rat and mouse habits actually aren’t the same. This is important when it comes […]

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What is Rat or Rodent Exclusion?

Rodents like mice and rats are among the most common pests in the Seattle area, in urban, suburban, rural, and shoreline settings. The number of rodents in the area makes it very likely that most local homes and businesses will eventually be forced to deal with an infestation. While our Cascade Pest technicians can certainly […]

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5 Reasons for Professional Rodent & Rat Control

Why are there so many rats, mice, and rodents in the Seattle region, and what should you do if some of them choose to invade your home? Rats are especially common in places where large groups of humans live, because rats depend on humans to survive. The population growth, climate, and landscape of Seattle and […]

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How to Identify and Control Rats

It’s important to catch any sort of rodent infestation as early on as possible. Home and business owners in the Seattle and Greater Puget Sound Area know this well, as our region is particularly prone to rats and mice. Regardless of the time of year, you should be on the lookout for signs of rats […]

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Why Do I Have Rats?

Rats are an unwelcome but common sight in the Seattle area, and not just in urban settings. They forage for food and search for shelter, which unfortunately means that local homes are a prime target for rat infestations. We’ve dealt with many rat infestations over our decades of experience at Cascade Pest Control, and there […]

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Are Rats Taking Over the Seattle Region?

Rats depend on humans for survival. They eat our waste, take up residence in our homes, and often spend time colonizing many of the hidden places in our cities. Most people would rather not see them at all, yet they prove almost impossible to eliminate. It has been that way for centuries, and remains true […]

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How Rats Get Into House Roofs & Prevention

Rat Control & Prevention Rats damage hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of attic insulation every day.  And it’s tough to imagine just how they get in.  The accompanying video shows but one example of how rats—as well as mice and squirrels—can get in between your ceiling and the roof of your home.  At this […]

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