How to Keep Rats from Infesting Your Urban Chicken Coop

Rat Control

rat eating eggs in chicken coop

How to Keep Rats from Infesting Your Urban Chicken Coop

Increasingly, city-dwellers in the Pacific Northwest are embracing the backyard chicken coop. And why not? Chickens can be maintained in a relatively small space and they provide fresh eggs, natural pest control, and improved soil quality. So if you have the space, it is a wonderful way to use it.  But there is a not-so-welcome […]

rat in toilet

Seriously, Can Rats Get In Your Toilet?

Yes, dear reader, rats can get in your toilet. But thankfully it isn’t very common. That being said if you have a basement toilet or after heavy rains, you might be more likely to get this nasty surprise. King and Seattle counties even have a Sewer Baiting program to try and control the rat population […]

pack rat

Why Do Rodents Come Inside Your Home?

The where and why of a rodent infestation are closely linked. Where you find a twitchy nose also reveals why they are there. Found a mouse behind the water heater? Likely, he was looking for warmth and shelter. Saw evidence of a rat near the garbage? She was probably looking for food. Rats and mice […]

rat control billboard in Seattle-photo source King County

Seattle’s History of Rats

As many residents and business owners may know, the rat population in the Seattle area continues to grow with its population. Rat control in the greater Seattle area is an ongoing problem for both urban and suburban residents, as rats have a long history in this region. Origins of Seattle Rat Populations The most common […]

pack rat

What’s a Pack Rat? Is It a Real Rat?

Are Pack Rats Really Rats? As a kid my dad would look in my bedroom and jokingly call me a “pack rat.”  It’s a phrase we often attribute to an accumulation of stuff, especially when it tends toward outright ‘hoarding.’  But where does that phrase and its associating come from? Pack rats really exist, and […]

rat control

Rat Facts You May Not Know

The greater Seattle area has a lot to offer, from the views of the water to the mild summers. Unfortunately, these conditions also make it an attractive home to rats and other rodents. Many of us have had to protect our homes and businesses from rats for years, but what do you really know about […]

bug inspection

Do You Need Pest Control?

Different seasons bring different weather, but also different pests to contend with. With those changes should also come a reconsideration of your current pest control methods. Whether you know you’re on top of it, or you’ve never considered pest control treatments, it’s good to occasionally re-evaluate your system to ensure it’s still working for you. […]

black roof rat

Getting Rid of What Rats Need to Survive

While expert pest control services are helpful and at times necessary in order to safely and effectively get control of a rat situation, there are steps you can take on your own in between ongoing rat control treatments to further encourage a rat-free space. Here are some tips on what you can do between visits […]

rats in home

Rat Management and Control

It can be quite overwhelming when you realize you have a rat problem. This kind of infestation is different than treating ants or other pests, and it feels like more of a violation to have rats in your home or business. The key to keeping a handle on the situation is having a strong rat […]

black roof rat

Rat Species in Washington State

Whether you’re a new transplant to the greater Puget Sound region or you’re a seasoned Washingtonian, it’s important to be informed about rats. Unfortunately they are a plague to our area due to the damp, forested communities that we inhabit. Rats and rodents have become accustomed to relying on our spaces and waste to survive, […]

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