Rat Facts You May Not Know

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

The greater Seattle area has a lot to offer, from the views of the water to the mild summers. Unfortunately, these conditions also make it an attractive home to rats and other rodents. Many of us have had to protect our homes and businesses from rats for years, but what do you really know about rats beyond the damage they can cause to your space?

We at Cascade Pest Control pride ourselves on learning the uncommon behaviors and traits of rats, pests, and other household nuisances to best protect your home or business. For rat control in particular, understanding what you’re dealing with is essential to being able to permanently keep them out of your home.

Fun Facts About Rats

For most home and business owners, rats are public enemy number one, and for good reason. They carry disease, cause damage, and are all around not the most pleasant. While it might gross you out to learn more about them, it’s a helpful tool for rat control purposes. Here are our favorite interesting facts about rats:

  • Rats can laugh. If you ever observed a rat nest, you might hear some small high-pitched squeaks as they play together. This is how rats laugh, and they are known to do so when they interact with other rats, so if you hear it, you might have a nest on your hands.
  • Rats can become depressed. Some don’t realize that rats are very social creatures. If left alone or without others to socialize with, they can become lonely and sad. Unfortunately, this also means that where there’s one rat, you more than likely have at least one other one nearby.
  • Rats don’t sweat. Unlike humans and most other mammals, rats don’t perspire out of their pores or regulate their temperature by panting. Instead, they constrict and expand the blood vessels in their tail to cool themselves off. In addition to providing balance, their tails cool the rats off, who knew!
  • The Chinese Zodiac attributes rats with positive traits in their calendar. While rats have a checkered reputation in our Western culture, many Eastern cultures have positive associations with them. Those born in the year of the rat can be described as creative, intelligent, and generous. 
  • Rats have excellent memories. This contributes to them being animals of habit. Rats tend to stick to the same route to get to where they need to go. You can use this to your advantage if you’re interested in catching them in the act or setting some traps.
  • Rats are adept swimmers. As intensely disconcerting as this is, rats can tread water for days and can hold their breath for several minutes. They are very comfortable near water and can even swim up your plumbing to gain access to your space.
  • If left unattended, rats’ teeth wouldn’t stop growing. Ever wondered why rats enjoy chewing through wires or the siding of your home? It isn’t only to get obstacles out of their way. Chewing through tough materials files down their front teeth so they don’t get too long.

Along with being affectionate to their own, there are many facts about rats that are surprising. Many of their habits and traits are useful tools to prevent them from entering your home or business uninvited.

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