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mice and the hantavirus

Rodents & Human Diseases

The Necessity of Rodent Control While mice and rats can cause serious damage to the structure of your home or business, they are also very dangerous to the health of you and others sharing the infested space. It doesn’t help that rodents nest and feed off of human waste, so the threat is unfortunately never […]

rat mites

What are Rat Mites? Are They Harmful to Humans?

Due to the rat-prone nature of the Seattle and greater Puget Sound region, it is important to be tuned in to and educated about rat mite habits and prevention techniques. Luckily, Cascade Pest Control’s expert technicians offer a range of rodent and rat removal, abatement, and exclusion services to help you through this process. While […]

mice and the hantavirus

Washington State at Risk – Mice & the Hantavirus

Have you read reports of Washington State residents becoming infected with the hantavirus from contact with rodents? Every year there seem to be at least a few cases reported, and while cases typically number in the single digits annually hantavirus is a real risk in our area. Hantavirus is contracted through contact with the droppings, […]

mouse control

The Damage and Diseases of Rats and Mice

Avoid Damage and Disease with Rodent Control Rats, mice, squirrels, and other common household rodents can cause disease and extensive damage to your home, storage items, and even to your car. This damage is due largely to excessive gnawing or by contamination due to their extended dwelling in your space. Thankfully, Cascade Pest Control has […]

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