Pest Control Guide When Buying a New Home

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Pest Control Guide When Buying a New Home

Selling or purchasing real estate is a big deal. Whether it is your primary residence, rental property, or a business venture, you want to go into the deal with your eyes wide open. But those wide eyes might not catch everything that is going on under the surface. Whether you are the buyer or the […]

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Tenant Inspections and Pests

When inspecting a property with tenants there is a lot to look out for and sometimes it involves pest problems that require pest control.  Pest issues—rodents or insects—can occur regardless of tenants and their habits. Sometimes it’s unavoidable such as when rodents have gnawed their way in, or they take advantage of a construction anomaly […]

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Pest Control for Real Estate Transactions

If you are selling or purchasing a home evidence of rodents, ants, termites or pest damage could derail your transaction.  If the home inspection shows pest infestation or contamination you need a quick and clear solution.  Call the experts at Cascade Pest Control. Send us the written buyer’s request or work order.  Email your scanned […]

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