Cascade Pest Control Addresses Giant Asian “Killer” Hornet Concern

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control
Cascade Pest Control with sample Asian Killer Hornet near Bellingham, WA
Cascade Pest Control with sample Asian Killer Hornet near Bellingham, WA

Mike Myers completes hundreds of pest management services each year, many of them in Washington’s Whatcom county—the only place in the US where the Giant Asian “Killer” Hornet has been found.  “Luckily I’ve not yet had to directly encounter the Giant Asian hornets,” says Mr. Myers, “and I’m glad because all the normal equipment for treating other stinging insects, like Yellow Jackets just wouldn’t work.”

Myers is Cascade Pest Control’s primary technician for the greater Bellingham area of Whatcom county.  And although both the state of Washington’s Department of Agriculture and the USDA have funded intense programs to locate and eradicate any and all remaining Giant Asian Hornets, pest control technicians have to be watchful.  “You never know what we might encounter, especially headed through the spring and into the summer,” states Myers.

“I hope to limit my stinging insect experiences to wasps normally found in the greater Bellingham, such as Bald-faced hornets, yellow jackets, mud daubers and polestes wasps,” continues Cascade Pest Control technician Mike Myers.

Meanwhile Mike services many homes in and around Bellingham for more typical insect and rodent pests.  Myers reports that his mainstay pest issues in the area are Odorous House Ants and Norway Rats (also known as the Sewer rat and the Wharf rat).   “Some of the most challenging pest issues involves rat infestations where they have chewed and gnawed or tunneled their way into homes.  The problem is that rats can cause so much expensive damage in various ways—most notably to attic insulation.”

“I certainly hope I’m prepared to encounter the Giant Asian hornet, should it happen.  But, to be honest,  I have my hands full with a variety of other pests that my customers’ homes encounter.”

Update June 6, 2021: As reported in the Seattle Times, transportation and agriculture crews plan to set traps in July along state highways to try to catch Asian giant hornets.

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