Crazy Termite Facts

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Have you ever been curious what more there is to know about household pests like termites beyond the fact you don’t want them in your house? Do you wonder if there’s anything more to them besides being destructive and kind of creepy looking? Even if the answer is no, knowing the behaviors and habits of household pests is very useful in preventing and removing them from your space.

Uncommon Termite Facts

Here is some informative, possibly fun, but insightful trivia for homeowners about termites, their most dreaded housemates:

  • Termites communicate using vibrations. Their antennae are their sense organs that pick-up vibrations that allow them to identify objects and communicate with each other. It’s known that soldier termites bang their heads against colony walls to warn others of a threat.
  • One queen termite can lay millions of eggs per year. This breaks down to 40,000 eggs a day, or 15-25 eggs per minute. No wonder termite nests can become so big in a short amount of time.
  • Termites never sleep. This explains why the damage they cause can be so profound–termites are literally programmed to work (and destroy your structure) 24/7!
  • Termites divide themselves into different social roles. Similar to the worker assignments of bees or ants, termites breed and designate certain castes to termites depending on what roles they need filled for the colony to survive.
  • Ants and termites aren’t friends. While their colony structures may seem similar, the species themselves don’t get along. Ants are termites’ number one competition in the insect world, and they have been known to fight over food and resources if their colonies are too close together.
  • If left unattended, termite queens can live up to 50 years. This is among the longest lifespans in the insect universe. It also proves why thorough, professional termite control treatments are worth it.
  • In some places, termites are eaten as a nutritious snack. While their diet doesn’t give anything away, termites are rich in many essential vitamins and nutrients for us, making them a sought-after snack in some parts of the world.
  • Certain termites build nests upwards out of the ground. In more tropical areas, termite colonies aren’t confined underground. They have been known to create nest towers up to 30 feet high!
  • Wood isn’t a termite’s only source of food. Unfortunately, some termites are known to eat plastic, fabrics and wallpaper…this makes them an even more dangerously destructive household pest.
  • Termites groom each other. In order to ward off disease, termites spend a decent amount of time cleaning themselves and their colony-mates.

Termites are often hard to spot and treat before they have done damage to the foundation of your home or business. If you know more about how they operate and what their habits are, it can be a helpful step towards early diagnosis. Cascade Pest Control technicians are skilled at inspecting your space and looking out for signs of termite damage.

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