Carpenter Ant Damage

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Carpenter Ants and the Damage They Cause

Greater SeattleBellevueTacoma, Everett, and Bellingham are all areas in the Pacific Northwest that are prone to destructive insects, such as carpenter ants. This is because these areas were developed on top of old forests in which carpenter ants were a key part of that ecosystem for ages.

Carpenter ants tunnel in order to nest and destroy wood in that process. They do not digest or eat this wood, just carve it out and discard it like sawdust, which can lead to their presence or damage not being noticed for a while. These “frass” shavings are, however, a key identifying sign to look out for in order to stay on top of potential infestations.

Carpenter Ant Damage – can be undetected for years!

Carpenter ant damage can be pretty extensive. It usually takes time, sometimes years, but given a good colony of really large nest sizes or multiple nests within your house structure, they can do a lot of damage to the timbers in your house. This video shows a landscaping timber that has been compromised by carpenter ants. Our trained technician details what signs to look for on the wood structure itself and also details the degree to which this kind of excavation can destroy the structural integrity of the wood if not noticed soon enough.

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Abating and extracting carpenter ants can be difficult if you don’t know how to properly do so. Many try to spray or repel on sight, such as when they show up in the kitchen or trail outside to forage / return to the main colony. This does nothing to remove the actual infestation or prevent them from re-entering your home or business, it only repels them from the area in which you have sprayed or destroys the number of ants that are exposed.

A carpenter ant colony can have multiple nest sites up to 300 feet away from one another. Worker ants travel in between these different nests, and can even carry larvae with them. It is more effective to allow our professional technicians to come in and use their vast wealth of industry knowledge to track down these nests and safely dispose of them for you.

Professional Carpenter Ant Control – to the rescue!

At Cascade Pest Control, we devise a safe, effective treatment plan to remove and prevent any infestations. Initial treatment and ongoing, persistent follow-up service is a critical part of the pest control process. It works to monitor nesting development, and make sure your home is as rodent and pest proof as possible. Rely on Cascade to track down, eliminate, and protect against any stage of infestation!

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