Is Pest Control Service Necessary?

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Is Pest Control Service Necessary?

Why are Recurring, Ongoing Services the Standard Approach in the Pest Control Industry? By and large, the householder today, understands that ongoing, regular pest control maintenance services is the best way to solve both current pest problems and prevent future infestations.  Being on service also means you have a quick response from your established pest […]

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Is There a Difference Between Pest Control and Extermination?

Pest control—now considered the most generic term—has developed substantially over time.  And how we refer to pest control and pest control companies has changed with it as well. Rat Catchers Going back a hundred or more years in early America, and certainly in Europe, there were “Rat Catchers” (image source: Metropolitan Museum of Art). While […]

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Expert Pest Control Services – Greater Seattle & Puget Sound Area

Cascade Pest Control – Serving the Greater Seattle and Puget Sound Region Whether you’re dealing with ants, termites or rats, Cascade Pest Control has you covered for pest control expertise. Local to the Puget Sound area, our company is environmentally conscious with our pest and rodent control treatment methods, and we take pride in our work. All Cascade technicians […]

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