Common Pests in Snohomish County, WA

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Pests and rodents plague many home and business owners all over Washington. It’s something that unfortunately is common across people living in this area. The variety of pests may differ from county to county, though, so it’s good to understand what pests are near you if your home or business is in the Snohomish County area. Knowing what to look out for and what to prevent against is a big part of a strong pest control plan.

Pest Control in Snohomish, WA

Knowing what pests are in your area and what attracts them is really helpful in being able to avoid them. Here are some pests and rodents you can expect in the Snohomish County area:

  • Ants–be it carpenter or common house ant, these pests aren’t fun to have around.
  • Carpet Beetles–these feed on natural fibers, so watch out for them in your closet or carpet. They aren’t overly harmful, but their larvae can cause skin irritations.
  • Cockroaches–always a menace, these pests are drawn to dark, moist areas and are big carriers of disease.
  • Bed Bugs–they grow in warm, moist areas and bite to cause small, itchy rashes. They’re very easy to spread and hard to get out without professional help.
  • Rats & Mice–the usual culprits to the Puget Sound area, these rodents are pesky in their prevalence and ability to get into your Snohomish home or business using their chewing and climbing skills.
  • Wasps & Yellow Jackets–watch out for the nests of these stinging insects
  • Spiders–while they are sometimes helpful to have around, the webs aren’t always worth it. Keep an eye out for them in dark corners or in cluttered areas.

None of these pests or rodents are particularly unexpected for the Snohomish area, but they’re worth noting so you know what pest control measures to invest in. If you’re curious what you can do to spot them before an infestation arises, here are some general pest control tips:

  • Keep your area clean–whether it’s keeping the counters free of crumbs or decluttering your crawl spaces or attics, regularly cleaning your space will go a long way.
  • Regularly inspect unfrequented areas–getting up into the attic and basement spaces allows you to keep track of any changes or unexpected guests that find their way in.
  • Caulk and seal any small cracks or holes–many pests enter from small cracks in door jambs, windowsills, etc. Sealing them will further protect against them getting in.
  • Keep limbs nearing the eaves or gutters trimmed–lots of pests and rodents are adept climbers, so keeping plants and trees away from the side of the house is helpful.
  • Properly seal pantry items and pet food–pest and rodent populations most easily grow when they have a reliable food source, so don’t give them one.

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