Can Rodents Damage Your Car?

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Many of us in the Seattle area have run into a rodent from time to time. They thrive in this area because of the weather and the amount of people, so we do our best to keep our home or business well-protected. Have you considered also watching your car for rodent damage, though?

How To Avoid Rodent Damage to Your Vehicle

It’s not a spot you think about protecting, but your car is also vulnerable to rodent damage. Rats and mice see any mildly insulated shelter that keeps them dry as a potential nest. Engine bays, car interiors, and even your car’s ventilation system can be vulnerable to rodent infestation.

Luckily, there are ways to deter rodents from accessing and damaging your car:

  • Roll your windows up over night. This prevents rodents from getting all the way inside your car.
  • Don’t leave the car stationary for too long. If your car moves regularly, rodents will be less likely to be able to build a reliable rodent nest.
  • Park in a garage if possible. A sealed structure adds another barrier of defense against rats and mice.
  • Keep car, garage or storage spaces clear of debris and rodent food sources. The cleaner your car, garage and storage areas, the less attractive to rodent they will be.
  • Regularly clean out the car’s interior. Getting rid of food wrappers and old clutter gives rodents less of a reason to target your vehicle.

Regularly inspecting your car for signs of nesting or new damage will also be hugely helpful in staying on top of rodent car damage.

Repairing Rodent Damage on Cars

Chewed Wires

Rodent Chewed Through Wires in Car
Rodent Chewed Through Wires in Car

Even if you do your best to avoid rodents’ finding your car, sometimes they still inflict damage on it. Mice and rats’ teeth never stop growing, so common rodent damage to cars is chewed electrical wiring or tubing because they chew things to file down their teeth.

This damage usually requires a trip to the auto repair shop to fix, as doing it yourself can get quite complicated. Your mechanic shouldn’t be unfamiliar with chewed wires, and they can be a helpful resource for preventing it happening again.


Rodent Builds Nest Inside Car Engine
Rodent Builds Nest Inside Car Engine

Other major issues come if rodents have nested in the engine bay, or somewhere in the intake system. Some even find their way inside the cab of your car through a window. The most noticeable tell of a rodent nest will sometimes be smell. If you start your car and the air coming in smells musty or like rodent filth, you might have a rodent nest somewhere.

If you can’t locate the rodent nest on sight, it might require another trip to the mechanic, but if you can see it you should be able to remove it and disinfect the area it was in on your own. Make sure you find appropriate cleaning products for the area you’re working in and let the inside of the car air out for several hours or overnight if you have it in a garage.

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