Cascade’s 3-Step Rodent Control Process

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Our Rat, Mice, Rodent Control Process

Cascade’s rodent control process has three steps:

Step 1 – Initial Rodent Service

This step includes, first, an inspection of your property. Whether your home or business, Cascade has you covered. Inspecting the property first allows us to get a better idea of your structure’s vulnerabilities or if there are any existing infestations you were unaware of.

The second part of this step is trap setting. We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly and environmental safe treatment methods. Cascade technicians highly regard both the safety of you and your family as well as that of the environment, so non-invasive treatments, like trap setting, are always our go-to.

The final part of this step is our estimation on any needed Rodent Exclusion. If we do find any weak spots in your home’s defenses or any existing infestations, we want to help you fix and prevent against those occurrences in the future. Our estimation will give you an idea of the scope and cost of making your home as safe and clean as possible.

Step 2 – Perform Rodent Exclusion Work

From trap setting and debris clean-up to repairing structures and replacing insulation, Cascade Pest Control technicians will do everything possible to return your home or business to its original state pre-infestation. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the field uniquely qualifies them for this job, so rest assured that you are in excellent hands.

Step 3 – Cascade’s Ongoing Pest & Rodent Protection Services

Persistent and ongoing rodent and pest control services are essential in protecting you and your home from a re-infestation. Cascade’s technicians are dedicated to providing the best care and protection possible, so you will get visits from us every two months. Any visits in between these bi-monthly treatments are included free of charge.

At these bi-monthly visits, our technicians will inspect and monitor the exterior perimeter and structure of your home or business. We will also check any outdoor substructures and crawlspaces while we’re at it.

If we previously set any bait stations or traps, we will check, clean, and re-set any on record. We will also make sure that if any others need to be set or repairs need to be made, those issues are taken care of.

Inside your space, we will check attics as well as any interior crawlspaces or substructures to make sure they are well maintained and rodent, pest, and any filth / damage that comes along with them is removed and prevented against.

Just like persistent, ongoing maintenance is necessary to keep your home infestation-free, it is also important that you keep an eye out for any damage and debris that is out of the ordinary so you can call us to take care of it as soon as possible. Our warranty covers any extra visits that are required to properly abate rodents and pests.

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