Cascade’s 3-Step Rodent Control Process

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Our Rat, Mice, Rodent Control Process

Cascade’s rodent control is a threes-step process.

Step 1 – the Initial Rodent Service, which includes:

  • An Inspection of your home (or business)
  • Setting of traps
  • Estimate Given on Rodent Exclusion Work

Step 2 – Perform the Rodent Exclusion Work

Step 3 – Cascade’s ongoing Protection Service

  • Designed to create a perimeter defense to protect you and your home from re-infestation.


  • Bi-Monthly Service
  • Re-Inspect & Monitor Your Home Exterior (or business)
  • Set, check, and replenish bait stations
  • Attic check available annually, or when needed.
  • Outdoor Substructure Crawlspace Access checked each visit
  • Substructure Crawlspace interior checked (at least annually)

Warranty — Most homes qualify for a re-treatment warranty provided that recommendations, included exclusion recommendations, have been completed.  Should any rats, mice or other rodents make an assault on your home Cascade will respond with extra visits at no charge.

Cascade Pest Control provides rodent inspections and the control of rats and mice in Tacoma, Greater Seattle, Bellevue and the Eastside, Everett, Skagit & Island counties, and Bellingham.

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