Why So Many Rats in the Greater Seattle / Puget Sound Region?

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Few people realize that rats are actually human-dependent and they can’t live very well on their own in the wild.  They follow us and thrive where we do.  Because we tend to be good enablers for them.

Rats first came to the Northwest with early settlers and they stayed enjoying the bounty created by the people here.  The development of farms, towns, neighborhoods and cities really made it easy for the rats to flourish.

Over time the forests and farmlands gave way to suburban development.  Towns became cities and the rat populations grew and spread out in vast webs from them.  Now there is a nearly contiguous rat population across much of the Puget Sound region.

The mild climate of the Northwest and its abundant wetlands and shores help rats thrive.  There are bountiful rat populations in the urban and suburban areas and out in the rural lands there is an abundant population of native deer mice.

In the Seattle region, rodents are everywhere it seems.  Rats are filthy, can carry diseases, and they can do serious damage to home, and auto.  Deer mice are filthy and damage things too, but they have also been known to carry the deadly Hantavirus.

So, here we live in the beautiful Northwest – surrounded by vast unseen rodent populations.

Rat & Rodent Control to Protect Your Puget Sound Home

What all this means is that if rodents infest your home you can be sure they are backed up by other rodents nearby.  We have never been able to eliminate regional rat populations, but we can control areas with proper planning.

Rodent control is not just about removing a rodent family from your house, it’s about establishing the monitoring and prevention measures needed to protect your home from the vast reservoir of rodents in your area.

Rats depend on us. Don’t enable them.

Call on Cascade Pest Control to clear your home of rodents and create an effective plan to protect it from these pests.

Cascade Pest Control has the experience to know how rats, mice and other rodents behave and how to control them.  We’re also familiar with rat and mouse damage—to cars, stored items, food, house insulation, electrical wiring and more.  Cascade knows when to trap or bait rats and mice.  And when you want to seal them out have Cascade Pest Control provide your home with reliable rat, mouse and rodent exclusion or rodent proofing.

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