Why So Many Rats in the Greater Seattle / Puget Sound Region?

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Rats Thrive in Pacific Northwest Climate

Not many understand that rats and rodents are human-dependent. They don’t survive well in the wild on their own. Therefore, they follow us where we go, and thrive in similar environments because of this. Unfortunately, our habits and unintentional lures enable them to continue to thrive.

Early Northwest settlers unintentionally brought the first rats along with them. The stowaways soon adapted and enjoyed the plentiful bounty and climate created by the newcomers. Soon, the development of urban centers, such as towns and city neighborhoods, along with farms made the rat population flourish along with the growing human one.

Suburban development eventually overtook the forests and farmlands in which these rodents used to live. The influx of people and human populations in cities and towns attracted more rats and continued to expand their web of survival. Across the Puget Sound region, homes and businesses are still having to combat contiguous rat populations even today.

Rats thrive in the milder climate of the Northwest, with its many wetlands and shores being added lures. From suburbia, to downtown, rats follow and nest, and in the rural wetlands, deer mouse populations survive and thrive.

In the Seattle area, it seems like rodents are everywhere look.  Filthy, disease laden rats can do extensive damage to your home, as well as your vehicle. Dirty, potentially deadly, deer mice are also an issue, as they are known to carry and transmit the potentially fatal Hantavirus.

So, even here, in the bountiful, beautiful Northwest, we are accompanied by vast populations of rodents.

Rat & Rodent Control to Protect Your Puget Sound Home

This all means that if a few rodents find their way into your home, they are surely backed up with plenty of friends in the surrounding area. While humans have failed to completely eliminate regional rat populations, we have adapted and evolved to controlling their span with appropriate planning and exclusion techniques.

Rodent control is not only removing a rodent or pest infestation from your home or business. It also includes establishing a long-term system for monitoring and preventing a rodent family from re-invading your space.

Rats depend on you. Don’t let them take advantage of your home and health.

Rely on Cascade Pest Control to rid your home of rodents and formulate an effective plan to protect it from future pests.

Cascade Pest Control has the experience to know how rats, mice and other rodents behave and how to control them.  We’re also familiar with rat and mouse damage—to cars, stored items, food, house insulation, electrical wiring and more.  Cascade knows when to trap or bait rats and mice.  And when you want to seal them out have Cascade Pest Control provide your home with reliable rat, mouse and rodent exclusion or rodent proofing.

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