How to Control Black Ants

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

We at Cascade Pest Control get many calls for “black ants.”  People are frustrated and want their black ants removed, exterminated.  Problem is, there are at least two main types of black ant pests that require professional ant control measures.

What Types of Black Ants are in the Seattle Area?

Both ‘odorous house ants,’ and carpenter ants are extremely successful ant pests in the greater Seattle-Tacoma / Puget Sound area.  Both ant species are found from Olympia to Bremerton and Bainbridge, and from Auburn to Bellevue and Bellingham… and all points between.

Carpenter ants and odorous house ants are native to the region.

carpenter antCarpenter ants in their native habitat tunnel and nest in the dead portion of trees, or fallen logs and stumps. They see house structures as arrangements of wood conveniently set with cavities (wall voids, etc, amongst the framing) they can easily assume as their home.  From there, the carpenter ants tunnel into the sound wood and create elaborate nests, damaging the home in the process.. [Note that some species of carpenter ants are mostly black but their middle section is reddish.].

odorous antsOdorous house ants get their name from the smell produced when crushed.  They are also native to the Pacific Northwest and have adapted extremely well to homes, particularly residential and urban neighborhoods.  In our environment, odorous house ants seem to thrive and have become the #1 nuisance insect—very persistent, showing up in various rooms of thousands of homes in the northwest.

The accompanying video shows odorous house ants being identified.  

Proper Identification of Black Ants is Important!

If you have a problem with black ants call Cascade Pest Control.  We can make a clear identification of the type of ant you are encountering and provide treatment options for you.

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