Why Do I Need a Pest Control Service Plan?

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Whether you are a new homeowner, recent pest infestation survivor, or savvy consumer, you might be asking yourself whether you could benefit from a pest control service plan. Do you need one? Is it cost-effective? Why not just treat a problem when you see evidence?

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Pest Control Service Plans are ongoing, maintenance plans that provide uninterrupted pest control through treatment and monitoring. Regular visits to ensure that your home is and stays pest-free.  If you have a random yellow jacket infestation or an unexpected bee hive, you could hire a professional for a one-time treatment and probably get decent results. However, most pests aren’t that quick to call it a day.

Challenges of Pest Control

Human & environmental safety

One challenge that continually faces the extermination experts is providing safe pest control that doesn’t harm people, pets, or the environment. Ridding an area of pests is not usually a one-and-done endeavor as you can’t just “shock & awe” an area with chemicals or poison the area with toxic treatments. A balance is needed in treating an area for pests and leaving it habitable for humans and other living things. 

Population pressure of pests

Another challenge is simply the insidious nature of most pests. Ants, rats, mice, termites, spiders, and wasps are all around us, and they have a place in the natural cycle. They are continually searching for new habitats, new food sources, and new safe spaces so they are also continuously coming into contact with humans. Our homes provide so much of what they need to survive: food & shelter. 

Advantages of Pest Control Service Plans

Continuous monitoring for perimeter control to restrict the population pressure of pests

As mentioned above, pest control is more than just a one-and-done proposition. Spiders, termites, ants, roaches, and rodents are always around us, ready to capitalize on a hospitable location. Pest Control Service plans mean that the perimeter around your home is constantly maintained so those pests don’t gain that foothold. With vigilance, pest control service plans keep your home pest-free. 

Less pesticide use & better protection

This constant monitoring and response means that action can be taken quickly and with the most conservative approach possible. This cuts down on the use of chemicals and pesticides that can harm the environment. Pest control service plans should respond quickly to any pest troubles outside of the regular treatment schedule so infestations never get out of hand.

Not only does this protect the environment with less toxic care, but reducing contact with pests can also protect the health of your family. Many pests, like fleas, rodents, roaches, can actually pose a health risk to humans. Keeping them away is a service to the humans and pets in your life. When pest management professionals provide regular monitoring and perimeter defense, less pesticides are used than if the pests achieve a full-on assault on the property.

Lower cost

While another bill might feel overwhelming to your budget, the cost benefits of regular pest protection can actually save you money in the long run. Like any insurance plan, it doesn’t always seem worth it until you need it. The cost of emergency pest treatment or extermination of an out-of-control infestation can be debilitating to homeowners.

Destructive pests like termites and carpenter ants cause an estimated 30 billion dollars of damage to crops and structures per year in the United States. By staying vigilant with a pest control service plan, homeowners can stop an infestation before it starts. It is much cheaper to stop a burgeoning problem than to eradicate a fully entrenched one. 

All-season prevention

Different times of year call for different types of pest control. Having a constant and responsive care plan means that your technician is treating appropriately for the pests of each season. In addition, if your neighbors aren’t as vigilant, you could be exposed to pests creeping from their area into yours. A service plan keeps that perimeter protection in place in all seasons and for all reasons. 

Being aware of the constant pressure of pests may help you make an informed decision about whether or not a service plan is for you. Contact the professionals at Cascade Pest Control if you have more questions or want to develop a pest control plan that is right for you. Call 888-989-8979.

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