What are the Signs I Have a Rodent or Rat Infestation?

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Rats, mice, and other common household rodents are unfortunately drawn to the areas of our homes that we frequent the least. Because of this, it can be hard to realize that there is a problem until it is too late. Understanding where to look and what signs to look for is key to identifying a rodent infestation.

Luckily, Cascade Pest Control is here to help keep you informed, so you can best protect your home and health.

Tell ‘Tail’ Indicators of Rat / Mouse Presence—What to look for before calling a Rodent Control Expert

While rodents are adept at flying under the radar, they can’t survive without leaving certain traces of their existence. Below are some common signs of a rodent infestation that can tip you off to an existing problem:

  • Piles of droppings and urine odor. Rats and mice leave behind concentrated piles of pellet-like feces, and their urine has a strong, musty smell aroma. Coming across either of these in rarely-disturbed attic or crawlspaces, in cupboards around dry foods, or in ceiling / wall insulation is a sign that your home has been invaded. You can even estimate the size of the infestation by how much feces or urine you find around the house.
  • Footprints and filth marks. Small footprints left behind in dusty floors, or dirty paw / tail marks along baseboards and walls not only reveal rodent presence, but they can also lead you to where the infestation stems from or how these critters are gaining access to your home. Rats and mice don’t have the best vision, so they tend to keep close to walls or corners to navigate and orient themselves. Keep an eye on these areas for signs of rodent dirt and grime.
  • Scratching noises or squeaks. These signs would most likely occur during the night, as household rodents are typically nocturnal in nature. If you hear scampering, scratching, or rat / mouse squeaks in your walls or ceilings after dark, chances are you have a rodent control problem on your hands. Sometimes you might even spot the intruders out scurrying across the floor if you are up late.
  • Gnawed holes in wood, food bags, roofing material, or disturbed insulation. Rats and mice have flexible spines that allow them to squeeze through holes as small as the width of a pencil eraser. What’s more, they are also adept climbers, burrowers, and have the ability to chew through nearly anything. In this respect, even if they don’t find an opening they are able to fit through to gain access to your home’s interior, they can chew it to an appropriate size to gain entrance. So, any tooth / claw marks or damage you find that are out of the ordinary could signal a mouse or rat infestation.
  • A warm, dry, dark, and secluded area is an ideal nesting situation for many common rodents. Rats and mice usually furnish these spaces with shredded materials such as newspaper, wood, cloth, and sometimes leaves. Even if these spots look abandoned upon discovery, they could signal a larger rodent control problem, and you should investigate further throughout your home.
  • Unusual pet behavior. Our four-footed, furry companions can sometimes be more in-tune to disturbances than we are. Their lower vantage point and more sensitive senses of hearing and smell can help them identify unwanted intruders. Don’t immediately write off your dog or cat for barking or pawing at certain spaces beneath furniture or appliances, or becoming alert / sniffing around corners and walls. A pet can be a useful ally in identifying a rodent infestation early on.

Don’t Fight Alone—Allow Cascade to Help Re-Secure Your Home with our Expert Infestation and Rodent Control Techniques

The best response to the discovery of a mouse or rat infestation is to call in a professional service. Cascade Pest Control has 40 years of professional experience, and numerous well-trained technicians at your disposal to abate and prevent future infestations. Our comprehensive and on-going rodent control techniques provide both security and peace of mind so that you can get back to the more important tasks of life.

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