Finding a Mouse Infestation Entry Point

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Rodent Inspection for Mice Infestation

In this video Cascade Pest Control’s quality control manager, Kris Novak, takes us on a rodent inspection to find the entry point of a mouse infestation.  Entry points are where rodents get in.  The rodent inspection is the process of learning as much about the home and the rat or mouse infestation as possible.  When mouse or rat entry points are found we can make recommendations on rodent exclusion (also called rodent proofing) — which is blocking the rodents from entry.

Rodent Proofing Your Home

Many home entry points are gaps left by contractors.  Or gaps from further work on the home over time.  But rodents need not have a ready-made gap or hole to crawl in.  When they decide to, they can gnaw their way in with a new hole.  But closing the existing “easy” holes goes a long way to deterring rodents.  Rodent exclusion and/or rodent proofing is a service that Cascade Pest Control provides.

This video shows Novak investigating the construction and rodent evidence on a deck 25 feet up off the ground.  The mice had to climb up 25 feet just to get there but that’s an easy task for these agile climbers.  Mice have no problem climbing any rough textured surface, even straight up.  So rodent inspections can take you to strange parts of a home.

What’s more mice can squeeze through a very small hole—any gap a pencil width or larger will do.  Here Novak notices some collected maple seeds (“pinwheels”) on the deck and that the deck board spacing is wide enough for deer mice to pass through easily.

Then Novak found a gap just below the deck and above the kitchen exhaust vent that leads into the home, between floors of the house.  The mice had entered in great numbers attracted to the smell of cooked food.  One of the results was a horrible odor problem caused by the mice.

Mice cause serious damage to homes and stored items.  Mice, in numbers, can destroy whole areas of home insulation that is located where it is expensive to replace.

Mice also cause damage by contaminating surfaces and food.  They can also cause foul odors.

Deer Mice—mice abundant in greater Seattle-Tacoma area suburbs and rural areas.

Expert Rodent Control

You may not know you have a mice infestation. Cascade Pest Control technicians have the experience to know how rat, mice and other rodents behave and how to control them.

Our technicians are familiar with rat and mouse damage—to cars, stored items, food, house insulation, electrical wiring and more.  Our rodent control technicians know when to trap or bait rats and mice.  And when you want to seal them out have Cascade Pest Control provide your home with reliable rat, mouse and rodent proofing / rodent exclusion.

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