Fun Facts About Rats & Mice

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control


From Tacoma, through Seattle, Snohomish & Skagit Counties and up through Bellingham we have both Norway rats and roof rats.  

Excellent jumpers: Rats can jump vertically 36 inches and horizontally 48 inches. Dropping from a height of 50 feet doesn’t kill or seriously injure rats.

Squeezing through small openings: Rats have flexible skulls and can fit through openings a half-inch in diameter.

Gnawing through barriers: Rats constantly gnaw anything softer than their teeth, including lead and aluminum sheeting, improperly cured concrete, sun-dried adobe brick, and wood.

Balance: Rats can easily climb brick or other rough walls that offer footholds, and can travel along power lines and ropes.

Climbing: Roof rats are agile climbers and can shimmy up the outside of three-inch-diameter pipes or between spout pipes and walls.

Burrowing: Norway rats can burrow to a depth of 4 feet.

Swimming: Norway rats can swim up to a half-mile, dive through water plumbing traps, and travel in sewer lines, even against strong currents. And yes, if you have an older home, rats can appear in your toilet.

Population growth: With up to 7 litters per year, as many as 12 offspring per litter, and sexual maturity in as little as 2 months, 2 rats under ideal conditions could multiply to 30,000 in one year! Fortunately, conditions are not always ideal, but even from 2 to 30 in one year is way beyond what any homeowner needs.


We in the Puget Sound region have House Mice in urban/suburban areas and Deer Mice in outlying areas.

Curiosity: Extremely curious, mice are quick to explore any new additions to their environment.

Falling: Mice can fall or jump from a height of 12 feet without injury.

Jumping: Mice can leap at least 12 inches vertically.

Squeezing through small openings: Like rats, mice have flexible skulls and can fit through openings a quarter-inch in diameter.

Climbing: Mice can easily scale any vertical surface that is textured or rough enough to allow a toehold.

Balance: Mice can walk along telephone wires, ropes, and cables.

Swimming: Mice are good swimmers when they have to be.


While these are fun facts, you can see why rats and mice are such a problem, why rodents are such formidable pests, and why you need Cascade to protect your home from rodent infestation, damage and disease.

Cascade Pest Control provides pest elimination for rats and mice in the greater Seattle area and the counties of: Pierce, King, Snohomish, Island, Skagit and Whatcom.  Cascade’s IPM (Integrated Pest Management) rat extermination and control is available in Auburn, Burien, Bellevue, Everett, Issaquah, Kent, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Redmond, Woodinville and up through Camano Island, Lake Stevens, Whidbey Island, Mount Vernon & beyond.

The elimination and pest management of rats and mice is a Cascade specialty and we appreciate the opportunity to care for your home or business.  Call us today and allow us to protect your home or property from rodent pests!

Beyond the extermination of rats and mice, Cascade Pest Control has dedicated pest management specialists that are also ready to address insect pest problems you may encounter, such as ants, bed bugs and spiders.

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