Common Fall Pests in the Seattle Region

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

While it can feel like fall is the beginning of the bug decline, there are actually naturally occurring pests that only begin to thrive come autumn. Specifically in Seattle, it is important to be aware of the different critters that might be attempting to make a home in your space come cooler weather. Read on for common types and the best pest control methods to keep them out of your home.

Seattle’s Most Un-Wanted Autumnal Pests & Rodents


It feels like come October spiders are not only starting to pop up in Halloween decorations, but their sticky webs show up every morning across your path out the door. You might also spot them more regularly scurrying about your home’s interior. This is due to spider maturity peaking during fall, so they are now bigger and more noticeable.

While the majority of the spiders you’ll see in your house are harmless and doing a helpful job of reducing other creepy crawly residents, an overwhelming number can be distracting. If you aren’t comfortable relocating them to a garage or attic space, or come across a large congregation, don’t hesitate to reach out to Cascade to help you create a spider control plan.

Ants & Beetles

As the weather cools down and rain picks up, many insects look for warm, drier places to spend the winter. Especially with any heavier rains, ants are the first to get flooded out of their underground tunnels and seek higher grounds. Unfortunately, this usually ends up being your home or office space and you may need professional ant control services.

Beetles can have the same tendencies to seek warm, dry conditions. Particularly in farming communities, introduced & invasive beetle species can wreak havoc on one’s harvest crop. Along with varieties that can feed on pantry ingredients, these insects are less than ideal to have in or around the home. Cascade can help with beetle pest control!

Ticks & Fleas

While these pests won’t pose a major threat to the integrity of your home, they can be dangerous to the health of you and your four-legged friend.

Ticks thrive in cool, rainy weather. Seeing as this is the climate Seattle is known for, be on the look-out for these pesky parasites. They will be more common in Western Washington or heavily wooded, brush areas, so be sure to tuck your socks in and zip up on any wooded hikes.

Fleas, along with ticks, can be introduced into your space via your pet. Fleas in particular can be quite a headache to get out of your house once introduced, and their bites can transmit diseases. While they don’t survive well on human hosts, your carpets, blankets, and pets are all viable contenders to get in from the cold and settle in. Cascade Pest Control has you covered!

Rats & Mice

The Seattle region has a history of rats and mice as a year-round nuisance in our area, but again with the colder weather setting in, their ability to survive comfortable outdoors diminishes with the start of fall.

Not only are these critters dangerous because of the disease and other harmful pests they can bring with them (i.e. fleas and ticks), their nesting habits stand to do the most damage to the structure of your home.

In these respects, it is critical to make sure regular maintenance to your home’s exterior is occurring to further deter and deny rats and mice access to your space.

Cascade Pest Control—Year Round Experts in Professional Pest & Rodent Control

It can be intimidating to face pest control alone. Many times it is safer and more effective to call a professional and set up a pest control routine. Regular maintenance is key to keeping bugs, pests, and rodents in their place and avoid infestations.

Since 1979, Cascade technicians have been providing quality, effective, and efficient pest control services in the Seattle-Puget Sound region. Our award-winning, eco-friendly methods ensure pest and rodent prevention, while causing no danger to you or your family’s health.

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