Rat Problems in Redmond-Woodinville, WA

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Rodent Control for Redmond-Woodinville Area of Greater Seattle

Learn more about what rodent damage looks like, and the extent to which rodents can harm the security and integrity of your home. Follow our trained technician on-site as he details some common entry points and signs of rodent presence throughout this video.

This specific site shows how unsealed spaces under a deck and storm drain access points can be irresistible temptations to common household rodents such mice, rats, and squirrels. It also delves into Cascade Pest Control’s safe, effective, and preventative rodent and rat control methods. Allow us to fortify your home against future infestations.

From chewed holes in insulation to collections of unsanitary droppings, a rat, mouse, or other rodent infestation is something you want to avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, there might be structural aspects of your space that are unintentionally attracting these critters.

As this video reveals, shoddy or rushed construction can sometimes leave you with unsealed spaces that are easy targets for nesting rodents. Structures with excessive insulation or spaces between walls and floors, crawlspaces, or in attics can also be prone to rat, mouse, and even squirrel infestations. Rely on Cascade’s services to replace and seal any potential hazards we find during our inspection.

The threat of infestation is not only tied to your home or business’ structure, however. Rats are prone to and established in the environment of the Seattle area, and they, along with other commensal species such as mice, thrive in human-populated areas. Our food waste, outdoor pet food, and even bird feed allows them to exist comfortably in metropolitan and rural communities.

Furthermore, an increase in development in the metro / suburban Seattle area has stimulated a simultaneous increase in the population of common household rodents. All the more reason to not leave the security and cleanliness of your residential or commercial property to chance.

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Cascade Pest Control has been doing rat and rodent control and protecting the Seattle / Puget Sound region for 40 years. Our technicians are experts in the pest control industry.

Cascade offers a variety of professional, eco-friendly, and safe treatment methods and services to expertly protect your space from any present or future pest and rodent infestations. Learn more about rodents common to your area, entry points, and corresponding prevention methods for securing your home.

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