Cockroaches Are Not DIY Pests

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Got cockroaches? Get help from the experts at Cascade Pest Control. We are here to make sure that you don’t have to go it alone when you encounter roaches.

Ever flipped on the light to find a roach scuttling behind the refrigerator? Or cracked open the cabinet to find a creepy pest staring back at you? No one wants to experience the trauma of a roach infestation, but if you do find yourself with a roach sighting, do not try to DIY the problem. Consult the experts for your cockroach control needs. 

Why cockroach control is NOT a DIY solution

  • Store-bought traps and pesticides. Unless you are able to identify your cockroach infestation correctly, the baits or traps that you buy might not target the species of roach that you have. There are lots of guidelines and instructions to follow in order to deploy these items correctly and users often don’t get it right. Did you apply enough, too much, in the right spots, did you just “bomb” your entire house???  This can lead to a dangerous situation. You can expose family members and pets to unhealthy pesticides. So now you’ve spent money on dangerous or ineffective products that just don’t work. Not to mention that many of these can’t reach the many cockroaches that you can’t see, hidden in walls or crawl spaces.
  • Natural Remedies. Like store bought options, you need to know how these products might interact with the roaches and how to deploy them. Even if you find ones that kill roaches, you will be left to the hazard of cockroach carcasses to clean up. And they can be dangerous to pets and humans as well. If you use a repellant or deterrent, you haven’t really solved the problem. Unfortunately, trying to use these might leave you  more frustrated than when you started. Natural remedies have their limits and if you haven’t eradicated all of the threat, then you still have a threat. So, now you’ve spent money and time on an ineffective solution that creates its own problems. 
  • Clean your house and seal your food. You might have bought into the myth that cockroaches are only attracted to dirty houses. And while it is true the cockroaches will take advantage of an easy food source, they won’t be deterred simply by airtight food containers. Unfortunately, cockroaches find lots of things to be “good eating”. Roaches have been known to feast on book bindings, grease, waste, wallpaper paste, pet fur, plants, and even each other. 

Just cleaning your house isn’t going to be enough to end an infestation. We aren’t discouraging good housekeeping (and reducing a food source might help to reduce the population), but when all is said and done, you will still have cockroaches. 

In a nutshell, DIY roach control is often ineffective, costly, and even dangerous.

Let the experts handle cockroach control

When it comes to cockroaches, you might just come out money ahead when you turn to the experts. 

  • Identify & target the correct species. The professionals can make sure to identify the cockroach correctly. This lets them target the solution for the correct species. 
  • Safely administer pesticides. The experts are able to administer the correct amount and placement of needed pesticides. This helps to prevent pesticide resistance and keeps your family as safe as possible. 
  • Locate hard-to-reach spaces for complete eradication. Reaching complete eradication means getting to the places where cockroaches are hiding. The experts can help you locate those areas for complete eradication. 

Turn to the professionals at Cascade Pest Control for all your cockroach control needs. Call them today at 888-989-8979. They are proud to serve the Greater Seattle area. 

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