What Attracts Cockroaches?

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

We’ve all had a run in with cockroaches at one point or another. Whether it’s outside on the sidewalk or inside your home, they have a knack of showing up where they aren’t wanted. Even here in the greater Seattle area, roaches are known to pop up from time to time. It can be confusing what attracts them, though, or why they continue to come back.

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How Cockroaches Get In

Cockroaches are unsettling, tenacious critters regardless of where they are. There are several species common to our area, including the German and American cockroach species which tend to be larger. You’ll want to keep an eye out for repeat sightings of roaches, as they can carry disease and aren’t pleasant to have around.

 It’s sometimes confusing how they manage to get into your space–it’s not always because your space isn’t clean or you left something out on the counter you shouldn’t have. Cockroaches are extremely adept at squeezing through cracks in door jams, windows, or siding in order to enter your home or business. Other cockroach varieties can hitch a ride in on produce, bags, packaging, or plants that you bring in, and some crawl through vents or other larger openings to find their way in.

Regardless of how they enter, the sight of a cockroach usually means there are several more lurking unseen somewhere, so an infestation can develop quickly. It’s important to understand what cockroaches are entering your space in search of in order to help prevent them from nesting in the first place.

What Cockroaches Look For

Like most insects, the largest attractions to roaches are viable food, shelter, and water. Having a viable access to these things allow them to thrive in your space. Cockroaches are usually nocturnal, so limiting access to these things overnight is key to making your home less attractive to these pests.

Limiting access to those factors of survival will fortify your home’s defenses to pests in general. Here are some things you can do to limit and prevent a roach infestation:

  • Regularly wipe down counters and tables.
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Put pet food away when not in use.
  • Watch out for any leaky faucets or standing water in your sinks or yard.
  • Caulk gaps around pipes, tubs, and hoses to prevent leaks.
  • Make sure your home isn’t too humid, roaches thrive in those conditions.
  • Properly seal trash bags & bins, both inside and outside.
  • Wipeout trash and recycle bins if they have residue on them.
  • Minimize clutter around your home.
  • Watch out for yard debris–this can become a breeding ground for more cockroaches.
  • Keep large compost piles further away from your home if possible.
  • Keep an eye on recycled cardboard–this can also be free food or shelter for roaches.

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