Where Rodents Hide In Your Home

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Scratching noises in your walls at night? Dropping in cupboards? Chewed holes in boxes? You just might have a rodent problem. Part of rodent control involves finding out if there is a nest in your house. So where might those buggers be hiding? Let’s look at some of the common places that rodents take shelter in your home.

Your home is attractive because. . .

. . . it is warm.

. . . it is safe (from predators)

. . . it has food/water

Knowing what drives them, may help you track down where pests are spending their time. Look for warm/sheltered places like air ducts, walls, crawl spaces, behind appliances, storage boxes, and attics. They are attracted to places that are safe from threats (humans included) so they tend to be isolated, little frequented spots. Of course, it is a bonus for our furry invaders if it is close to a food or water source.

Mouse in the House

Mice homes are. . .

. . . air ducts/ventilations systems

. . . walls

. . . little used storage boxes/containers

. . . behind cabinets/appliances

. . . attics

. . . crawl spaces

. . . in piles of clutter

If you see evidence of urine, droppings, chewed wires, and nests made out of material like paper, you likely have a mouse problem – even if you never see a mouse. Mice can access a house through gaps as small at ¼ inch (or the hole a size of a dime). As nocturnal creatures, they may make your house a home without you ever setting eyes on one. Once you know they are there, however, then you can begin a plan to eradicate them. Remove the nest, seal openings, keep food sealed, and fix leaks.

Rat in the Flat

Rats homes are. . .

. . . internal, but isolated (attics, walls, basements)

. . . dark and wet, like drains and sewers

. . . dark and isolated, like garages and sheds

. . . areas with access to food (garbage cans, kitchens)

Rats are particularly insidious and clever. They leave evidence like foot and tail marks as well as teeth marks since they chew constantly. Rats also breed very quickly so rat control is imperative. Rats are impressive climbers so you might find them in attics as well as basements. In addition, they are noted swimmers and can enter homes through pipes as well. They can squeeze through gaps as small as 4cm. If you have a rat nest, it is important not to wait. Clean up the nest, seal openings/cracks, reduce attractants like food/water/spills, and disinfect to remove rat urine/smell.

Rodent Control

If you are concerned about an infestation and need rodent control, call the experts at Cascade Pest Control. For over 42 years, we have been servicing the Greater Seattle region. We will work with you to find a solution to your problem. 

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