Pest Control vs. Extermination

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

When it comes to rats, mice, and other household pest infestations, people’s thought turns first to extermination. Extermination originally referred to the concept of completely eradicating pests using harshly toxic chemicals without a whole lot of regard for human health and the environment.

This used to be the only option when it came to pest control, and the invasive, harsh chemicals, while decently effective at removing the intruding critters, came at the expense of your health and comfort. Extermination shouldn’t be a first step either, it’s much more effective to catch a problem early to avoid having to resort to extreme measures of abatement.

Luckily, modern pest control has evolved beyond harshly-toxic chemicals and intrusive extermination techniques! We at Cascade Pest Control in particular are advocates of preventive pest control to avoid infestations developing in the first place. This greatly mitigates the use of chemical extermination, but when it’s necessary we exclusively use least-toxic and much more environmentally friendly extermination treatments. This ensures you and your space are safe long-term.

Benefits of Proactive Pest Control

It can be hard to wrap your head around investing in regular pest control treatments if you aren’t aware of any pests threatening your space. However, in the same way that you take your car in for regular maintenance to avoid large-scale damage, so too should you consider investing in a regular pest control service to avoid a large-scale infestation. The most prevalent pest issues of our area—including rats, mice, certain ant species and spiders—are persistently present requiring ongoing professional monitoring and the maintenance of preventive barriers in order to keep them truly managed.

Preventative pest control measures include services such as:

  • Routine property inspections to identify any easy points of entry that make your space vulnerable to pest or rodent entry.
  • Fortification and repair to any exterior and interior entry points to further abate pests or rodents.
  • Removal of any nests created by existing pests.
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic preventative treatments as necessary to prevent infestations from developing.
  • And can include Pest-related damage repairs and/or Cleaning of any filth caused by invasive rodents.

At Cascade Pest Control, our technicians will routinely inspect your property and even make necessary repairs to ensure that your space is fortified and devoid of signs of pests. Since it can be tricky to access remote areas of your space, such as attics, roofs, and crawl spaces, it can be nice to have a professional come do it for you who’s trained on what to look out for in terms of possible entry points and pest damage.

Extermination Pros and Cons

Routine treatments is designed to avoid harmful or harsh chemicals, as you can see. Extermination, on the other hand, indicates that the problem has gotten out of hand and that a Herculean effort is now required to remove a large-scale infestation. Its goal is to simply remove an existing problem as quickly as possible, as opposed to true protection, preventing an infestation from happening in the future. Because of these goals, this process can be quite intrusive to your day-to-day schedule and not always health-conscious if you have pets around especially. While it does yield results and is sometimes necessary, you should be aware of the treatment being used and how it impacts your ability to be in your space while it’s happening.

Cascade Pest Control’s highest priority is creating a pest control plan that fits into your schedule and lifestyle. We pride ourselves on keeping you updated and informed about what all we intend to implement, and won’t move forward with something if it isn’t convenient for you. Furthermore, we choose extermination treatments that are environmentally friendly and least-toxic, allowing you further peace of mind after treatment occurs.

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