Pest Control Do’s and Don’ts

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Ugh, bugs! There is never a good time for them, and there never seems to be a time that isn’t susceptible. Every season has its pests. Whether you are struggling with spiders, ants, flies, roaches, stinging insects, termites, or even rodents like rats and mice, you can feel powerless to get a handle on these annoying and destructive creatures. If you are looking to get ahead in your fight against nature’s creepy crawlies, here are a few do’s and don’ts of pest control.

Pest Control Do’s

Use preventative measures

Whether you’ve seen evidence of a pest or just want to get ahead of the curve, there are plenty of steps to take to prevent infestations in the first place. Many home and business owners can go a long way by reducing the things that attract pests.

  • Eliminate sources of food, water, and shelter. This can mean fixing any leaks or sources of accumulating water or dampness. Empty standing water and remove garbage regularly. Store food in tightly sealed containers and don’t leave pet food standing out overnight (especially outside). Reduce clutter like stacks of cardboard, magazines, or newspapers that could provide enticing shelter or food. 
  • Restrict access to your home or business by sealing up entry points. Caulk cracks and openings around baseboards. Use steel wool to plug openings around pipes and use wire mesh to cover holes. Install or repair weather sealing strips around doors. Make sure screens are installed correctly and hole-free. 
  • Check for evidence of pests regularly. And try to avoid bringing them into your space by checking boxes and bags before bringing them inside. 

Use bait traps or pesticides safely

If you choose to tackle the problem with some DIY pest control options, make sure you read labels and understand how to use the products. Make sure they are safe (especially if you are using them where pets or children might be exposed). Make sure they are effective for the pest you are trying to control. Make sure you apply it properly and clean it up afterward properly.

Get to the root of the pest problem

Too often, DIY pest control tackles just the symptom and not the cause. You might be able to trap and deter some ants, or that one mouse, or a few of those wasps, but until you deal with the source, you won’t have true peace. Which leads us to the last DO of pest control. . .

Hire a pest control professional

You are not alone. You can get help from the experts. Having an experienced pest control  technician come and assess your problem as well as provide solutions can be a huge win for your peace of mind. Hiring the right people who can effectively and efficiently fight your battle can actually be more cost effective than trying it on your own.

Pest Control Don’ts

Use chemicals off-label

It is so important to remember to be very careful with pesticides and other chemical treatments. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and apply correctly. If a chemical is rated for outdoor use, DO NOT use it inside. If it is noted to work for roaches, don’t assume it will treat your termites. It might seem a bit silly, but it bears repeating: read the label.

Also important to note: dispose of chemicals responsibly.

Overuse chemicals 

Avoid the overuse of chemicals. We have a “more is better mindset” that doesn’t translate well to pesticide use. Twice as much doesn’t mean twice as effective. In fact, using more chemicals might create a bigger problem. Don’t create an environmental hazard by being overzealous. 

Ignore a problem

Don’t ignore a pest problem. As much as we might like to stick our heads in the sand, it just doesn’t work with pest control. Roaches and ants don’t just get up and walk away. Termites won’t find a different house tastier than the one they are in. Rats and mice won’t quit your house for another one. These pests are opportunistic. So, if you have what they want, why would they look any further?

If you see something, then it is time to do something. 

Don’t wait to get help

Lastly, don’t let a pest or rodent problem get out of hand. As mentioned above, you can lean into the experts who are knowledgeable and ready to assist you with your pest control needs.  Cascade Pest Control has been protecting homes and businesses in the Seattle area for over 40 years. They know the local area and potential problem pests. And they stay up-to-date on eco-friendly options and other pest control techniques. Give them a call today 888-989-8979

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