Odorous House Ants Pest Control & Treatment Preparation

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Odorous House Ants Biology

Odorous House Ants are small (2-3 mm) and black. They nest both inside and outside of homes. They are extremely persistent and enormous nuisances. They prefer sweet foods and can show up throughout house year-around, but become very active in springtime.

Odorous House Ants Treatment Preparation Instructions

  1. People and pets must vacate for 2 hours. Household must be ready to vacate at time of
    arrival of your Cascade technician.
  2. House Preparation: Must be completed prior to technician’s arrival!
    • Make baseboards more accessible by removing all small objects, toys, from floor. Do not move large furniture from wall unless there is substantial ant activity present. Only move furniture that is reasonable to move.
    • Kitchen & Bathroom(s) if ants are present in these locations:
      • Empty cupboards and store items on kitchen table or in boxes on the
        floor. Leave the counter tops clear.
      • Empty cabinet under sink(s).

The more thorough you prepare your home the more precise we can inspect and treat!

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