How Do I Prepare for Pest Control Services?

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

So you’ve made an appointment with a Cascade professional for pest control service. Now what? Well, there are many helpful steps you can take before your technician gets there to increase the chance of treatment success and make the visit go more smoothly in general.

Prepare for Rodent and Pest Control Services

Common household rodents are prone to nesting in the insulation of your attic or crawlspace, and sometimes feeding on any unprotected food left out / not properly stored. Rats and mice can make their way inside through holes less than half an inch in diameter, and also chew themselves an entrance through siding or roofing in absence of an easy point of entry.

A variety of pests can also invade your home. From ants and cockroaches, to termites and wasps, you need to be able to adequately protect against the damage they can cause to your home and health. Luckily, Cascade’s pest control services help you accomplish this however we can!

In unique cases, further, more explicit priming instructions may be issued, but below are some general steps you can take to make the inspection or pest control service visit maximally effective and efficient:

  • Make a note of where you have seen rats, or mice, or found debris, droppings or damage attributed to them. This will help your technician more easily locate a point of entry, or locate the source attracting them to your space. It will also increase the effectiveness of any traps and rodent exclusion your Cascade technician implements.
  • Disinfect and vacuum your home. Having a clean slate to treat will leave nothing to chance, and decrease the chance that rodents will be drawn to unintended bait.
  • Clear access to any attics, subspaces, or crawlspaces. This makes it easier for your technician to inspect for any undiscovered nests, gaps/holes/cracks, droppings or insulation damage.
  • Move furniture away from the walls. Especially if you have seen a rodent in the area, your pest control technician will want to examine floorboards, base boards, corners, and walls for any gaps or unintentional points of entry.
  • Make sure any open food is stored securely (including pet food). Whether it’s sealed in a bag or plastic container, you will want to decrease any aromatic lures that indicate a food source for these invasive species. In addition, remove open pet food in bowls from the floor.
  • Remove or cover any animal or pet-related toys or bedding. This decreases clutter as well as prevents any exposure or contamination of pet supplies from rodent / pest debris during the visit.
  • Make sure the roof and exterior siding can be easily accessed. Particularly with wasps and rodents, you will want your technician to be able to remove and inspect any possible nesting spots or entry points that could grow more problematic if not addressed early.

Partner with Cascade Pest Control to Secure Your Home or Business

At Cascade Pest Control, we are dedicated to keeping you informed and up-to-date throughout the pest control process. We are on the same team against pesky, invasive rodents and insects. You help a great deal by properly preparing your space for a pest control visit. Let us take care of the rest.

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