Environmentally Safe Pest Control

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

At Cascade Pest Control, we aren’t just committed to eradicating pest infestations in your home and doing the work required to prevent future infestations. We also want to accomplish those goals in the safest, most environmentally friendly manner that we can. And it works!

Environmentally safe pest control means using different methods to ensure solutions that take care of the job and keep children, pets, homes, and the surrounding ecosystem safe. This means using IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to minimize the impact on the environment while still eradicating pests from the area. IPM is a strategy used by a wide range of people from farmers to homeowners to forest rangers. The idea is to start with the least invasive, least toxic options to control a problem and then move along a continuum of care. By employing this method, pests are kept at bay, resistance to pesticides is reduced, and waterways and soil are less impacted by toxic chemicals. 

Cascade Pest Control has a growing number of technicians who are IPM certified by the Entomological Society of America.  These technicians are either CIT (Certified Integrated Pest Management Technicians) or, the highest level, ACE (Associated Certified Entomologists).  Over the years, our team has earned a wide range of environmental awards from both local and national organizations. We take pride in our commitment to our beautiful local environment, and our team continues to work hard to provide environmentally safe pest control services throughout the Seattle area and surrounding regions.

Environmentally Safe Pest Control in the Seattle Area

A commitment to safe home pest control is at the core of our mission at Cascade Pest Control and has been for many years. Our business was one of the first pest control companies to partner with government organizations for green pest control initiatives, and we’ve also worked with private watchdogs dedicated to maintaining environmental health. Our integrated pest management strategy allows us to eliminate pests while minimizing damage to the environment, and our team has earned a variety of awards for environmentally safe pest control practices.

EPA Environmental Silver Status – Cascade Pest Control has earned recognition with silver status (and gold status pending) from the EPA’s pesticide environmental stewardship program, which aims to engage communities to reduce pesticide risks in both agricultural and non-agricultural settings.

Environmental Excellence Award – Our team has also earned awards from local business communities, along with the state government, stretching back decades. The Association of Washington Business recognized Cascade Pest Control with its environmental excellence award in 1996, while the Washington Ecological Commission did the same in 1994.

NWERC Recognition – A high standard of quality is key to safe pest control, and the Northwest Entomological Research Center (NWERC) has some of the highest standards around. Our business has earned NWERC IPM certification, and we offer integrated pest management solutions that meet the high standards of the NWERC for environmental safety.

Other Awards – Cascade Pest Control has received many other awards over the years, both for our environmentally safe pest control practices and the excellent work of our dedicated, hardworking technicians. Other awards include:

  • PCT Rising Star
  • Angie’s List Super Service award
  • EnviroStar Business 5-Star award
  • Evergreen Award for Pollution Prevention
  • 1998 national Technician of the Year award
  • Green Globe

Awards are nice, but ultimately a commitment to safe home pest control is also about so much more. The beautiful environment of the Pacific Northwest is our home too, and we aim to help keep that environment healthy for many years to come. Our clients seek out environmentally safe pest control solutions, and we offer integrated pest management which may include:

  • An initial inspection to determine the type of pest, number, and pest access points.
  • Carefully eliminating sources of food, water, and shelter for pests.
  • Exclusionary practices, to help keep pests and rodents out.
  • Ongoing support after an infestation has been eliminated.
  • When necessary, the use of safe pesticides in a way that minimizes the risk of environmental exposure.

No matter how many awards Cascade Pest Control piles up as a business, it’s our dedicated team of pest control technicians, support staff, and customer service representatives who make it all possible. The team at Cascade Pest Control is committed to environmentally safe practices, and to doing everything that we can to keep pests out of your home. If we win awards along the way, it’s because we remain vigilant about protecting the values that drew us to this business in the first place.

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