Do You Need Pest Control?

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Different seasons bring different weather, but also different pests to contend with. With those changes should also come a reconsideration of your current pest control methods. Whether you know you’re on top of it, or you’ve never considered pest control treatments, it’s good to occasionally re-evaluate your system to ensure it’s still working for you.

Types of Pest Control

It can be difficult to determine whether or not professional pest control treatments are necessary. Especially if you’re not sure what pests to look out for, it can be challenging to ensure that your space is properly protected. Here are some services to consider, especially for those in the Seattle area:

  • Rodent / Rat Control—these critters are common to the Seattle region and require regular, ongoing control methods to keep your home or business free from mice or rats.
  • Wasp Control–they can nest in the ground, in bushes, or within your house’s structure and can get dangerous if the nests aren’t found early. Regular property inspections are helpful in keeping wasps and bees away.
  • Termite Treatment–these pesky critters do thousands of dollars worth of damage a year in homes and businesses. With the greater Puget Sound area’s longer rainy season, termites can be more attracted to your foundation. You’ll want to invest in inspections and prevention methods to ensure they don’t damage your space.
  • Spider Control–while many species are relatively harmless, spiders become an issue inside and outside of your space when they start laying eggs. Whether they’re getting in through window cracks or loose siding, or traveling in on produce you bring in, make sure you’re keeping your space clean and decluttered to discourage nesting.
  • Ant Control–a common summertime pest, different types of ants can be problematic in your garden as well as in your kitchen. Keeping your space clean & properly storing pantry items will be key to helping keep your space ant free.

When to Consider Pest Control

It’s a good rule of thumb to invest in professional pest control services on a quarterly basis, so about every 3 months or so. This service can range from having someone come treat areas of your home to prevent a prior infestation from re-developing, or it could be something as simple as an inspection to check for damage or places of entry to repair.

This schedule might change if you’re actively getting rid of a pest infestation of sorts, or if you notice a sudden change in pest presence in your space. Regularly checking crawlspaces, attics, and door jambs for points of entry or signs of pests is helpful in staying on top of an infestation before it begins. You should also clean and be intentional about items you bring into your space, as many pests can piggyback on produce from the store or clothing you wore while working out in the yard.

In the greater Puget Sound area, pest control is definitely something to look into year-round. Cascade Pest Control has been expertly protecting this area from pests and rodents for over 40 years now. Our technicians have a wealth of knowledge about the types of pests in this area and what treatment methods work best to abate them. If you’re not sure about whether your pest control treatment is working, give us a call and we’re happy to help!

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