Cascade Pest Control Honored as Industry Rising Star

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Pest Control Technology (PCT) recognized Cascade Pest Control as one of 25 innovative and successful businesses in the pest control industry.

Cascade Pest Control Recipient of PCT Rising Star AwardCascade Pest Control was selected as a Rising Star award recipient for several of our programs:

  • Investing in our staff to reflect the same service we want reflected to our pest control customers
  • Innovative ways to address proficient pest control services

Cascade holds values of service very high and we understand that how we serve our staff—in training and coaching, for example—will be, in turn, reflected in our service toward our rodent and pest control clients.  So, our emphasis is creating a company culture that emphasizes both our employees and ultimately great customer relations.

Cascade Pest Control has also invested in technology to help leverage our years of experience in pest identification, pest assessment, and trouble shooting difficult cases of rat and insect infestations.  Rats, mice and other mammalian pests present considerable damage expense in the greater Seattle-Tacoma region and especially unique challenges to control.  Rodent extermination remains one of Cascade’s primary fields of expertise.

As a Rising Star award recipient Cascade Pest Control was profiled in Pest Control Technology magazine and presented the award in Dallas, Texas.  At the Rising Star event PCT Publisher Dan Moreland congratulated each company, noting “PCT is proud to shine the spotlight on Rising Star companies. You are the folks driving this industry by taking risks, innovating and leading by example. It will be exciting to see what’s next for these up-and-coming pest control firms.”  The event was sponsored by Univar Solutions and VM Products.

At the Rising Star Award ceremonies in Dallas, Texas we enjoyed meeting other award recipients and learn about their own innovative achievements.  Among them were Trent Ragor of Natural State Pest Control, Lowell, Arkansas;  Trevor Jones of Admiral Pest Control serving Long Beach/Los Angeles, California; Dave Oeters of Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management, serving the greater Chicago area; Mary Vongas of ChemTec Pest Control, of Saddlebrook, Jew Jersey; and D Morrison of City Wide Exterminating, serving greater Charlotte, North Carolina.


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