Can You Have Winter Rats?

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Some rodents hibernate during the winter, but unfortunately rats are NOT one of those hibernating critters. What’s doubly unfortunate is that, when the colder weather hits, rate are even more in need of warm lodging and a reliable food source. This makes your home or business more attractive and more at risk of a rat infestation.

We at Cascade Pest Control are dedicated to protecting your home or business all-year-round with rat control services. Our technicians are experts in detecting signs of rat damage, fixing and fortifying possible entry points, and treating your space to abate and eliminate existing rodent problems. Our goal is to put you back in charge of your space, which includes providing info about how to protect your home or business between routine visits from us. Read on to learn how to keep rats out this winter!

Rat Behaviors in the Winter

As mentioned earlier, with the cold climate outside, rats are more desperately in search of a secure, warm place to stay. They are natural burrowers but still tend to prefer the cover of human structures, as there are more food sources accessible to them in our attics, garages, or crawl spaces. Signs of rat nesting include:

  • Musty, bad smells (due to rat waste)
  • Torn, shredded insulation, newspaper, or other soft materials collected together
  • Rat droppings
  • Chewed wiring or siding to make space or get to the nest

Not only do you have to worry about rats in your house, but they can also burrow in your car, shed, or garden area if necessary. Engine compartments and ventilation systems are easy places for rats to get comfy in if your car sits idle for long periods of time. This situation can be particularly hazardous to your health if the rats leave waste in your ventilation system.

Sheds and ground nests are less harmful, but what you’ll need to look out for is rats scurrying around your trash or other spaces for food and water. Rats are scrappy and can use almost anything for food, so keeping an eye on your compost pile and rain barrel will also be important.

Winterized Rat Control Techniques

So what can you do to keep rats out of your way in the winter?

Constant vigilance is key. Contact Cascade for ongoing rat control services – and in between those regular rat control service visits, keep an eye out for signs that rats have entered your space.

In addition to the signs listed above, check storm drain covers, roofing tiles, baseboards and window sills, as well as attic and basement spaces for any rodent filth, gnaw marks, or nests.

Garages can be easy entry points, so make sure you aren’t leaving the exterior door open for long periods of time unnecessarily. These spaces often have lots of storage nooks to hide in along with the trash cans for the ideal rat set up. Particularly if you have your car in there as well, make sure you’re moving things around or checking areas semi-regularly to disrupt a rat’s routine.

Otherwise, just make sure you’re keeping your space clean, storing food properly, and having some sort of professional rat removal service in place and you’ll be on your way to a rat-free winter. Cascade’s technicians are always happy to answer questions and come take a look at your space, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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