Can You Do Pest Control Yourself?

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Whether you’re on a budget or enjoy having autonomy over your space, DIY or “do-it-yourself” pest control solutions are often appealing. With the internet as a resource, many are able to research what techniques may be effective to eliminate the pest-y problem. In some cases, this is sufficient, but there are situations to be aware of that are best left to the professionals.

Types of Pest Control You Can Manage Alone

While the internet contains a vast wealth of knowledge, it is important to maintain a critical lens when viewing suggestions about at-home pest control. There are a few instances in which you are well equipped to handle the problem on your own, and it’s important to keep these in mind in order to discern when to go at it on your own vs. calling in a professional pest control service.

One way to determine if the issue is independently manageable is by the number of pests you encounter. If you see a few ants in a small, localized area, or you come across a few spider webs around your house, it isn’t completely necessary to drop everything and call a pest control service for that one issue.

With the proper technique and materials, an ant trail or spider webs can be safely removed and eliminated with products you find at a home improvement store, or sometimes even your local supermarket. Just make sure you’re also taking the proper safety precautions while doing so.

What you’re comfortable tackling on your own, however, is obviously up to your discretion. Not everyone has the same tolerance for certain types of pests, or the skill with the generic products sold to the public to treat these issues. In addition to that, the products available to you might not be in accordance with the lifestyle of your space, as some with allergies or roaming pets might require a more specialized product than what can be found on the shelves.

When to Call a Professional Pest Control Service

While a few ants or spiders won’t cause extensive damage or harm to your health or space, something like bed bugs, termites, fleas, wasps, mice or rats DO pose more of a threat. If the pest you encounter is one that tends to travel with company, or is known to pose significant structural damage, it is best to leave it to the professionals.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re seeing persisting, large, or wide-spread sightings of any pest, including ants, wasps, and even spiders, it is worth it to call a professional pest control service. These factors signal that a full-scale infestation could be on your hands, and the reactive–as opposed to proactive–products available to the public aren’t always appropriate to fully abate and prevent pests from returning.

We at Cascade also encourage people to more regularly rely on a pest control service for routine maintenance that includes regular inspections and upkeep to ensure an infestation isn’t able to develop. Our services are proudly eco-friendly, which is another product commitment that might not always be available or achievable if you’re trying to treat a pest problem on your own.

It’s never a wrong choice to call a pest control company to help you get your home or business back under control. Call 888-989-8979 now for Cascade Pest Control’s quality care!

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